Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Trip to the Fair

I must apologize up front. I do not have any pictures of our day at the fair. Believe me I'm sorry I don't, but honestly it was all I could do to get our family in the Suburban and make it to the fair. I am learning to cut myself slack these days. So even though you can't see the fun they had I will tell you about it!

The most important part of this blog is for me to tell you about God's goodness. Without His favor and mercy we wouldn't have been able to even GO to the fair. You see we have been praying for God's favor and teaching the children the importance of a heart that trusts. Also we are working on an attitude of gratitude and trusting that God knows what is BEST for us and will provide JUST that! We are very honest with the children and they know that right now things are tough with Nathan being in between steady work and me only working limited hours. We aren't poor and the children know they are not deprived, but we are trying to teach the kids about being good stewards. They know about tithing and it's Biblical importance. They also know the practical implications it has for the Flint family. Enough of this...on to the fun stuff.

A dear friend of ours is friends with James Drew of Drew Expo. That company is the main provider for rides at the fair. Angie and James go way back. Even though Angie's husband Tom is deceased the Drew family still extends kindess upon Angie and her children. Well they extended that kindness to us this year. We all received free passes to the fair (gate passes) and books of ride coupons. Angie's kids and mine rode until their little hearts were full and their bodies were tired. The pirate ship was the big hit with Joseph. The ferris wheel was JoyAnn's fav and poor Jesse...well you'll hear about that later. I think he liked the pirate ship too. Oh there were pony rides for Joseph and JoyAnn and a trip on the bouncy inflatables for Joy Barker and my three. We really didn't have to spend very much money. It was a BLESSING. We were even blessed with free lemonade, water, caramel apples and funnel cakes. My body is VERY tired, but my heart is still beating with excitement about what we saw and experienced.

Poor Jesse. Our precious, mild-mannered child. He is short for his age. Being a twin makes you a little smaller sometimes. There were many rides that he couldn't ride. A few that JoyAnn couldn't, but mostly Jesse. The "kiddie" rides were too small and slow for my 5 year olds, but the "grown-up" rides were often too scary. It was a dilemma. Well Jesse did have fun. He rode the ferris wheel, bumper cars, the Spiderman ride, the pirate ship and the little roller coaster. He desperately wanted to ride the chair lift but we didn't have time and that was heart break number one. Tears rolling and lip so far out he almost tripped we consoled him by suggesting he ride the ferris wheel one more time. Well he stood in line like a big boy with his daddy ready to ride. Here's where the story gets REALLY sad. The man said Jesse was too short to ride. The SAME MAN who placed Jesse on the ride 2 hours earlier WITH Nathan. He even made a rude comment about "I guess he shrunk during the day". Jesse was DEVESTATED. My heart broke for him. I couldn't make it better. He didn't want a pony ride, he didn't want to go ride a kiddie ride with his last ticket, he didn't want ANYTHING. What he was so hurt about was the man said he had shrunk. Well we finally got our kids to the truck and were headed home a little sunburned and EXTREMELY exhausted.

Here is where I focus again on what is the most important. It wasn't the free food, free admission or free rides. It was the cotton candy that was given to us by some random kind lady or the nice people we met. It wasn't even the fact that God answered our prayer and held off the rain for HOURS so we could attend the fair. I promise you the rain started again as SOON as we got in the truck. What was important, the MOST important was the work that had gone into preparing my children for this day. Not just work by Nathan and myself, but work by the Holy Spirit. Jesse once we got back home (still snubbing from his sadness) said..."Maybe I could make a card for the ferris wheel man and tell him about Jesus. I don't think He knows Him because he was so unfair to me. I forgive him for being mean to me!". WOW!!! Here's the part where we all cry....

My sweet, mild-mannered yet extrememly tempermental child GOT IT! He realized the greater thing. It was to share Jesus. It was to KNOW Jesus. It was about JESUS. I tell you I am still trying to process it all.

*On a side note* that same precious Jesus-filled child is currently sleeping after getting a spanking for having a HORRIBLE attitude. Isn't parenting fun??? :-)

Well I've rambled enough. Thanks for sharing. Keep praying for the Flint family. Speaking of's ALWAYS a wild one around here. God's blessings...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Boys, Boys, Boys

Two more boys! What am I going to do....

Sunday, September 6, 2009

"I Am"

I would love to sing this song someday in church, but right now I can't even make it through listening without sobbing. I had forgotten how much I enjoy Nichole's music. I have had this CD for years and just dug it out again. I pray you are as blessed as I have been.