Friday, December 31, 2010

My Theme Song for 2011

I'm DARING TO BE different. I'm daring to walk in PEACE. I'm daring to become healthy and YES NOT FAT!!! I'm daring to swim upstream, to homeschool my children, to love my husband, to STUDY GOD's word, to embrace LIFE head on and live ABUNDANTLY.

Happy New Year,


Sunday, December 26, 2010

I Believe

This got posted in my other blog yesterday by mistake. So enjoy it today!

Today the snow has fallen ALL day long and covered the earth in a peaceful blanket of white. Throughout this day, amidst the laughter of my children, the smells, sights and sounds of Christmas I have affirmed my decision that I BELIEVE!! I have been HUMBLED once again by God's grace and love. Emmanuel is MINE. He came for me, broken, flawed and needy. He came!!! He came!!! He came!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Glory to God in the Highest

Just pure fun for Christmas. I know there have to be some Southern Gospel fans out there. Gotta love these guys even if you don't love this style of music. My children love quartet songs. Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

James Taylor - Some Children See Him

I sang this as a child. It touched me then and I pray that today as you listen you are reminded of the beauty of Christ. Allow Emmanuel to touch you today. He WILL reveal himself to you if you ask. Spend some time reading the Christmas story and SEE HIM today.

I love you guys,


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

You're Here

A new favorite this year. Here is Francesca Battistelli with "You're Here". Be blessed today.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Childhood Favorites

I am several days behind when it comes to posting my fav Christmas carols. This has been a BUSY few days. Our Christmas musical at church, birthday for the littlest Flints, shopping, wrapping, driving, etc. have prevented me from REALLY taking the time to blog. So forgive me for my tardiness. Today I am going to focus on childhood favorites.

I'll compromise on the first one. This is a childhood favorite of mine AND my children. I will share two versions of this song. This represents my childhood and that of my brood. Enjoy

Original Version

"New" Version by Jim Carrey

This next is from Emmett Otter's "Jug Band Christmas". The quality is NOT good, but it was the only one I could really find to share. I wish I owned this DVD. I bet that's some GOOD BBQ :-)

Charlie Brown and his Peanuts Gang are glad that "Christmas Time is Here"

Here is a clip from Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Christmas. My kiddos like this sweet story.

Enjoy your day today. See Christmas through the eyes of a child and take some time today to SLOW DOWN!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

Not so thrilled with the video but good sound quality of Cyndi Lauper and Frank Sinatra on this duet. Have a good day.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Feliz Navidad

Today I'm wishing I were in a warmer and more tropical climate. However maybe this version of "Feliz Navidad" will make you smile and feel warm on the inside :-)

This is Northpoint Community church and their "IBand" doing a version of "Feliz" like you've never seen or heard before.

I don't own an iPad, iPhone or iPod, but I just think this is pretty nifty.

Monday, December 13, 2010

White Christmas

Maybe I'm singing this song because of ALL of the snow and ice we've had in the last two days. Of course it is my ringtone currently so that might have SOMETHING to do with

I LOVE this version by the Drifters. Enjoy :-)



Sunday, December 12, 2010

Making Up For Lost Time...

So here are videos/song choices for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I've been busy and I hurt my back on Thursday night. By Sat. morning I could hardly move...YIKES, but today I'm a little better. We are resting and enjoying looking at the snow outside. Have a GREAT, blessed and safe day.

Casting Crowns "Away in a Manger"

One of our personal fav's "Nocturne" by Israel and New Breed on his "A Timeless Christmas" CD.

And finally "Joy to the World" by Whitney Houston

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Christmas Waltz

Just thought I would share a lovely song sung by a LOVELY lady. Here is Kritin Chenoweth's version of "The Christmas Waltz". Be blessed today and "may your New Year Dreams come true".

Be blessed,


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Wonderful Wednesday Two 'Fer Deal

This one is for yesterday! Sorry I missed it guys. Chris Tomlin's "Joy, Unspeakable Joy". Neat "new" take on an "old" hymn. Thought you might like it.

Oh and for today a little Mandissa and Matthew West "Sometimes Christmas Makes me Cry". An odd title for a song, but a beatiful song. For those of you who have tears this year please remember that God is right with you. Emmanuel is watching every tear fall. Know that you are NOT ALONE even if you feel it.

You are loved,


Monday, December 6, 2010

Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring

This happens to be one of my favorite versions of this classic song! I know Jesu isn't necessarily a Christmas song, but it is played quite frequently during the Christmas season. I think the group Celtic Woman is beautiful in every way. Enjoy today and be blessed.

In Him,


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Muppet Christmas Carol

This is a clip from one of our family's favorite Christmas movies "The Muppet Christmas Carol". We started our construction paper "countdown chain" on Thanksgiving day.  So we are counting the "sleeps" until Christmas.  This is a technique that we learned from our "Tante Nathalie" several years ago (counting sleeps NOT the  She used to count sleeps with Andrew and Wesley so they would understand when a special trip or event was arriving.  It works like a charm!!!  Thanks Nat :-)

Can you tell we are a little excited to celebrate the birth of Jesus around here?  I pray that you are excited about this holiday and that this season finds you filled with joy, peace and wonder.



Saturday, December 4, 2010

Last night we had the pleasure of seeing Third Day in concert.  No they did NOT do this song, but I wanted to include it anyway in my "Christmas Countdown".  Some people don't consider this a Christmas song, but it is on their Christmas Offerings CD.  Nathan will actually be singing this on the 12th along with our "singers".  Should be a lot of fun. 

Praise God for his son Jesus Christ the "King of Glory"

Be blessed,


Friday, December 3, 2010

The Blessed Dawn of Christmas Day

A beautiful song sung by one of my favorites. May God's presence meet you today in a tangible, sweet way. Emmanuel is HERE. Christmas is NOW. It's everyday.



Thursday, December 2, 2010

Being Grateful for Where/Who You Are

Ok. I've had a ROTTEN attitude lately. I've been negative, resentful and downright moody. Depression has been a gray cloud over me the last few weeks and months. I have literally come to the end of myself. It's been humbling and overwhelming. I have been forced to really stop and take a look at who I am, WHERE I am and what I have in my possession to use/honor/take care of in my life.

A friend of mine lovingly reminded me that fighting with where I am in life is going to make things difficult (thanks Jennifer). She also reminded me that God's will is perfect and I should just REST in the arms of my Savior. Sounds easier than it is (at least for me). I mean I had approximately 32 weeks to grasp the concept that I was going to be the mother of five children. James and Jonathan have been with us for almost one year!!! WOW how time flies. Joseph has had a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder since he was four years old. Nathan and I have been married for 15 years. See how things should have settled into place by now? Well I tell you honestly I HAVE NOT settled into my life. I have been waiting for something different. I have been expecting something else. I have been resentful and ungrateful. I have taken my life, my family, my relationships, my God for granted.

I have repented and asked God to forgive me. I am making a serious effort to travel a new path toward health, wholeness and freedom (see my other blog at I am working on my "attitude of gratitude" and trying to live simply and honestly.

So.....HERE I AM
1. Child of God-I should spend more time with Him and in His Word, but I am so blessed to know that my eternal life AND my true identity rest SAFELY in His arms.
2. Wife- Nathan Roy Flint is my beloved.  He is my best friend, confidante, supporter, lover, husband, provider, and father to my AMAZING five children.
3. Daughter- James and Brenda Morgan have loved me for 35 years now in the best and only way they have known.  I have been so blessed to have them as my parents.  They have been supportive, trusting, encouraging, helpful and fun.  They brought me to Christ by their loving, godly example.  I will be forever grateful for them.
4. Sister- Greg, Philip and Tyler love me unconditionally.  They are funny, smart, handsome and loving.  I am glad to be their sister.
5. Friend- Over the course of my life I have been fortunate to have made some dear friends.  These people have carried me through some difficult times.  I am blessed to still have most of these people in my life.  I am sad to have lost the friendship of some, but for those who have stuck around I will be forever grateful.
6. Mother- I have five kids.  Yes five.  I have a child with autism.  I have two sets of twins.  I am overwhelmed most days.  They are all different.  They are all wonderful.  Yes I'm busy.  Life will never be what I imagined or thought it would be, BUT it can be BETTER.  I think this has been the hardest part of my life to reconcile.  Even though I wanted to and have chosen to be a SAHM I struggle with this the most.  I don't feel as if I am a good enough mother.  I am not a good enough house maker/housekeeper.  I feel as if I am doing my kids a disservice by homeschooling them.  Notice these last statements had I, I, I.  Noticed they were based on feelings.  Other people have been very supportive and honest about my kids, my house, my life.  I am still working on seeing my "mother" side through God's eyes.  I am blessed, just a little confused sometimes :-)
7. Overweight-Ok here I go again being honest.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell me that.  I have been fat most of my life.  However, I don't want to be fat anymore.  Yes I've said that before.  Yes I've tried to and successfully lost weight in the past.  This time is different though.  I WILL succeed with God's help and the accountability of my friends and family.  I am taking responsibility for and ownership for my actions/behaviors.  I am taking responsibility for MAKING changes. 
8. Musician-I am able to play the piano fairly well.  I can play the flute and I am able to sing.  Granted I need to practice ALL of these instruments more, but to have the ability to sing/play is something I am TRULY thankful for daily.
9. A Woman-This is something I am rediscovering.  Sounds silly I know, but because of my weight issues and insecurity I have not wanted to really be aware of my femininity.  I am learning that it IS ok for me to own nice things and to wear them.  I am learning that sweat pants year round aren't very attractive (hahahahaha).  I am learning that really clothes that fit are MUCH more flattering.  I am learning that modest and fashionable CAN happen simultaneously and I shouldn't wait to be "girly" until I've lost all my weight/reached certain goals. 
10. A Life Long Learner- I have LOTS to learn and I want to do so.  I want to learn about healthy eating.  I want to train to run a 5K.  I want to learn more in all subject areas that I teach to the children.  I want to intensely study God's Word and memorize it.  I want to take a cooking class.  A sewing class would be fun.  Learning another language would be rewarding.  I am ABLE to learn and I don't want to take it for granted ANY longer.

Well I know this post has been long, but its been for me.  Thanks as always for stopping by and leaving me some encouragement. 

Gratefully yours,

Janelle LeAnne Morgan Flint

December 2, 2010

Today I will be sharing with you a song from our Christmas presentation that we are sharing this year at Mtn. View church. Ok...shameless plug. If you live in the Asheville, NC area come worship with us at Mtn. View church in Black Mountain, NC on December 12th for "Winter Snow a Christmas Reflection".

This is the title song. I have the GREAT pleasure of playing/singing this number along with my dear friend Laura Crockett. Pray that I don't "suck" because then it would be "Winter Blow" :-). This song was originally written and recorded by Audrey Assad and is featured on Chris Tomlin's Christmas CD. So here it is...enjoy "Winter Snow".

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gaither Vocal Band - Oh little town of Bethlehem 2008

Last year I blogged daily from Nov. 1st through Dec. about a fav Christmas song. I had a friend request that I do it again. I didn't think I could commit to two months, but I am looking forward to 25 days of Christmas. So here goes :-)We are listening to this CD right now so I'll share a bit of it. Here is the Gaither Vocal Band sharing "O Little Town of Bethlehem". Enjoy

Monday, November 29, 2010

Social Group

Joseph started participating in a social group a few weeks ago.  This is an opportunity for Joseph to be with other children on the spectrum.  It is a safe place to learn, grow and make mistakes without being judged.  One of the goals of this group is also for him to have the opportunity to learn to make friends and to keep friends. 

This group has been difficult for BOTH of us.  While the kids meet with their facilitator the parents have a meeting with a behavioral psychologist.  Dr. Boggs is WONDERFUL and I enjoy her immensely.  However, just hearing myself say some things has been difficult and listening to other parents talk about their issues at home is hard too.  All of this is exhausting to tell you the truth.  Each week upon leaving the group I have cried on the way home.  I honestly feel as if I am grieving Joseph's diagnosis afresh and anew.  I am glad that Joseph is getting the support he needs.  He has speech and occuptational therapy. He is now a part of this social group.  He meets monthly with a therapist. The real issue is I don't think I'm getting the help I need!!!

What  I mean by that is I need to really talk to someone about my feelings towards Joseph, about Joseph for Joseph.  Having a child with autism can really take a toll on your family, your mental stability, your relationships in general AND so much more.  I really think I need to talk to a counselor about all of this.  Nathan and I talk quite frequently about it, but we are on MUCH different pages with the whole issue.  We are in agreement when it comes to discipline, etc but emotionally we are obviously two different people.

Social group "making and keeping friends" this is an issue that I have struggled with for the last few years.  Some of the people I have known the longest in my life and have shared the most with no longer even call me, text me, email me, respond to my FB posts etc.  This brings me much sadness.  I am working through these lost relationships/friendships.  The good thing though about this is that I know that Joseph more than likely won't experience this kind of pain because he processes friendship differently.  In some ways it is a BLESSING that he won't be hurt by people the way that I have been. 

The two relationships that I LONG for Joseph to have are a meaningful relationship with his Creator.  I pray that he will be able to love the things of the Lord.  That he will be able to read, retain and understand His WORD.  I desire for Joseph to be truly in love with Jesus and have a heart for Him.  I also pray and hope that Joseph will know love for a spouse.  I pray that he will experience love, marriage and parenthood.  Big dreams for my lil' man, but I serve a BIG GOD!!!

So I don't want Joseph to be "social" just to be "social".  I don't expect him to be me...a mouthy, loud at times, center of attention, charismatic kind of person.  I just want Joseph to be comfortable in his own skin.  I want being around other people to not bring him such anxiety and stress.  I pray that he learns to communicate with others effectively and express himself openly, creatively and spontaneously.  Once again....BIG STUFF. 

Today we geared up for another meeting.  We got out in the cold rain and drove to the Huff Center.  No one else showed.  I was disappointed.  Joseph didn't even miss a beat.  This meant mommy and Joseph time going to Chick-fil-A for a Sprite and or me a short, de-caf Christmas blend with cream from Starbucks.  For you frugal people I spent less on my coffee than on Joseph's small Sprite :-) YEAH ME!!! We did have some really neat conversation in the truck.  We took turns on speaking/telling stories, singing and listening to music.  It was a good time that I might not have had with Joseph if he had participated in social group.  Being in situations like that are taxing for him.  So today I had him focused and fresh. 

I am blessed to be able to work a crowd AND I am blessed to the mother of a little boy that NEVER WILL BE.  Isn't life good????

December's "Challenge"

I just love reading Courtney's blog.  She is a real inspiration.  I am also looking forward to her new "challenge"

I am vowing that THIS December is going to be different.  I want to enjoy the peace of this season.  The peace that "The Prince of Peace" came to bring.  Be blessed and join me in the challenge. 

Merry Christmas,



Sunday, November 28, 2010


Advent-"a season observed in many Western Christian churches, a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas." (per Wiki)

Once again we are going to try and observe the season/period of Advent here in our home.  I have a wreath that I am hoping to set up today.  That is if I have time between changing diapers, cooking a couple of side dishes for our afternoon lunch with our out of town family, sucking little snotty noses with a bulb syringe, catching up on "Mount Washmore" (thanks Traci), and general household stuff.  One tradition/observance that I miss from our time in the UMC denomination is the "Hanging of the Greens".  Basically it is where the church is prepared for the Advent/Christmas season.  Sometimes it takes place in a ceremonious way.  Other times depending upon the church preference it takes place as a communal gathering complete with carols, cookies and fellowship.  It was always a lot of fun.  Hoping that we can finish up some decorating stuff around our house today. 

I love the expectancy and hope of Advent.  "Shepherds Abiding" by Jan Karon from the Mitford series is a tradition for me.  It is a lovely tell of the hope and joy found during this season.  I am praying that as the years pass I will be able to plant within the hearts of my children the expectancy, hope, joy and mystery of Christmas. 

For those of you who have been reading my blog for sometime I am about to start my annual "Favorite Christmas Carol" posts.  Should be staring those on the 1st of December.  Happy Advent and Merry Christmas to all.

Emmanuel is with us,


Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

So I have friends who have been shopping since the WEE hours of the morning.  Some have been waiting at various stores since midnight, 2am, 4am etc.  I find this RIDICULOUS.  However, I admit that I keep company with some pretty funny people :-).  I even have one friend that I KNOW stayed up past midnight to do her "Black Friday" shopping online.  Once again, not my cup of tea.

So why the post you ask?  Well I was thinking this morning as I woke up on this gray, overcast, gloomy day that some people don't HAVE the ability to shop this day.  Maybe it's physical limitations that keep them from going.  Perhaps it's an anxiety disorder that keep them away from crowds.  Some folks I'm SURE are kept away for financial reasons. Maybe some people just don't want to shop.

However, I bet for some folks depression is an issue.  It's not just "Black Friday" that makes them sad.  It is the ENTIRE "holiday season" that brings them pain.  They are missing a loved one this year.  Perhaps a divorce is/was just finalized.  Maybe they are away from home due to work or study.  Some "nests" are a little empty this year.  My prayer this year is that in the midst of shopping, fighting crowds, wrapping presnts, getting "deals", not paying shipping etc. that we would ALL take some time to think of others.  That we would pray for someone we know that falls into one of the categories/situations I mentioned. Why not spend some of the money you were going to use for an "awesome deal" and do something kind for that person that just came to your mind.  That person that struggles with anxiety and crowds, why not take them a meal and eat with them in their home?  Send that college student a care package that couldn't come home for the holidays.  Send a card to a soldier.  Catchin' on???

Let's all work together to make this day NOT so "black".  While at it why don't we pull together and make EVERY day a little brighter this holiday season.  I believe there are MORE then "12 days of Christmas".  Share the love of Jesus Christ and the news of his birth with someone TODAY and everyday.  Emmanuel came so that we could have the BEST DEAL OF ALL.  Eternal life through Jesus Christ is FREE for the taking EVERYDAY.

Merry Christmas,


Thursday, November 25, 2010

On the First Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me A....


Ok. Ok. I realize I haven't blogged since August. I could go through the typical disclaimer, apology poo-poo BUT I wont (the crowd goes wild). So anyway...I'm back!!!

I just recently discovered Shutterfly. I actucally received a coupon at Ingles Markets with my receipt for a FREE photo book from Shutterfly. I made one of the family dedication that took place this last May.  Stephanie and Darrel Prescott took the pics that are included in the album.  I am forever grateful that they were there to share the day AND took the time to capture it on film.  I was VERY pleased with the quality of the book.  I only had to pay $8.61 in shipping.  Granted, it did take some time to make the book, but it was fun and I think I could really enjoy preserving our memories this way.

Well a friend of mine (Sarah Massey) has also been bitten by the "shutterfly" bug :-).  She just received 50 FREE cards from Shutterfly.  They are beautiful and I am so excited that she found this affordable way to showcase their "growing" family.  She blogged about her experience and suggested that I participate in an offer that Shutterfly was featuring. 

Well here I am, blogging in order to receive MY 50 free cards.  This is an exciting Christmas for us.  Last year James and Jonathan were merely five days old and in the NICU critical care unit weighing in at less than five pounds each.  This year our chunky monkey (James) and our lean mean walking machine (Jonathan) are the joy of our home.  I can't wait to get a family pic of all seven of us.  We have YET to have one made and the boys were 11 months old last Saturday.  So I am going to have a friend of mine take some candid family photos and we are going to use them on our cards.  YEAH!!! 

Keep your eyes posted to my blog and/or be on the lookout for your envelope from the Flint family.  Happy early Merry Christmas and thanks again for taking the time to read my ramblings.  Oh and take some time to check out Shuuterfly's website. They have GREAT gifts and are able to help you with any stationary,invitation or photo needs. They have Christmas Photo Cards,Personalized Wall Calendars,and Graduation Invitations.

Enjoy this season,


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

De-Briefing (no pun intended)

The title is in regards to the last week of the challenge . That one was EASY for me :-)

Ok. This summer was GOOD for us! Now this is a nice change for the Flint family. For those of you who know our story we, with God's help, have WORKED to have the marriage we have today. The last few years have been filled with kids, recovery, painful discussions, brutal honesty, discovery, forgivness, TRUE love, letting go of self and selfish ideas/agendas. They have been powerful years that have shaped our family. We have re-discovered and established our core values as individuals, a couple and a family.

This summer was a glorious one. Granted I entered the "challenge" late and didn't complete EVERY part of Courtney's suggested list. I never got around to scanning in pics of dating years or our wedding. Nathan honestly couldn't remember one favorite meal (I'm not quite sure what this and I haven't yet posted about our discussion related to vision/direction. However, I think this challenge was SUCCESSFUL. It changed me, changed Nathan and reminded us of the simplicity and beauty of Godly love.

Thanks Courtney for all of your help, suggestions, prayers, encouragement and love for EACH of us who link to your page/blog. I pray blessings upon you, your ministy, your family, your homeschool, your marriage....etc.

I'm gonna keep working on becoming a better mate and communicating openly with Nathan. I'm gonna finish this challenge and I'm gonna "Be the WOMAN He Deserves!!!"

Because of Him,


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Just Because

There is SOOOO much negativity on the internet. A lot of venting, complaining, processing etc. At times I've even used my blog for those very purposes. So today I'm posting simply to be POSITIVE.

It's a beautiful day.

I'm alive.

My soul has been redeemed.

Nathan loves me (just typing that made me smile).

Five children hold the last name Flint and my blood runs through their veins. WOW! This still amazes me.

I get to worship freely, unashamed and out in the open at the church of MY CHOICE. Some call this a "right". I call it a "gift".

I could type more but one of my lil' ones needs me :-).

Have a GREAT, positive, uplifting day! I know I will.

Because of Him,


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Still Truckin...

So I'm still rising to the challenge .

I actually am AHEAD of the game on this weeks challenge. This part of the challenge is EASY for me! I also didn't have ANY trouble with last weeks part.

We had a WONDERFUL double date with Mandy and Jamie last night. We ate at P.F. Changs and were pleasantly surprised and impressed. The waitress asked if anyone had food allergies. I told her about mine and then the manager came to our table and PERSONALLY assured me that my food would be cooked in a separate wok. WOW! Thanks for the care and persnal service Paul and the P.F. Changs staff!!!

Have a good day...and DATE ON!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nathan's Top 5

As a part of Courtney's challenge I've been working on this summer I finally had a chance to speak with Nathan about his "Top 5". Some of our most precious times of coversation happen in the early morning over coffee, feeding babies, reading Jesus Calling and just being together. So today I honestly shared with him about my venture in this challenge, about my participating in Praying for Our Husbands, and asked him to share his "list". He was grateful that I am making such effort to be a better helpmate. He shared honestly and thoughtfully. I would like to share his list with you.

Nathan's Top 5:
1. Clean off the dining room table and keep it clean!!! He values all that I do around the house and genuinely appreciates the quality of the house in spite of 5 kids. The only thing he asked is that I keep the table clean so that we can share family meals.

2. Make a better effort to line up childcare so that we can have WEEKLY dates. This isn't as easy as it sounds with five children. It is expensive and difficult to find someone who will commit to keeping five children on a regular basis. I was THRILLED to hear of Nathan's desire to date me more regularly. I WILL make this a priority. :-)

3. On the weekends make sure that I haven't OVER PLANNED. Nathan NEEDS decompression time. He NEEDS family time. He wants to be with just our clan of 7 every weekend uninteruppted. Once again this isn't as simple as it sounds for me. I LOVE people. I miss adult interaction and so staying at home on the weekends after being here for five straight days is a challenge for me. However, the Lord showed me the importance of this last weekend. We had a WONDERFUL, simple, stress free, at home weekend. It was GLORIOUS. I'll put my agenda aside to honor his request.

4. When I asked him about ME what he liked about ME or wanted me to do differntly (hair, nails, losing weight etc.) he answered this way....I know how you really want to be pretty for me. I like it when you make sure you are dressed (not still in pjs) when I get home and I wish that from time to time you would buy a new outfit and shoes for our dates. WOW!!! Once again I was FLOORED. I feel SOOO guilty buying things for myself. I am afraid to ask Nathan for money. I was so relieved to hear this. Now I must share with you that buying clothes is NOT fun for me. I hate trying on things and I never feel as if they fit properly. However, I will get used to this if it pleases Nathan. Oh and for the pj thing...I hate it too, but some days I don't even get a shower with these five keeping me busy. Small things to some...BIG THINGS to me!

5. The last on the list...YES HE MENTIONED THIS LAST :-) is to make HIM a priority. To not stay up on the computer for hours after he goes to bed. To be available for him and to make the physical part of our relationship a priority. So who says that men only think about sex....he mentioned this LAST!

Ok ladies (and gentlemen) PLEASE pray for me as I strive to be the BEST lover, wife, helpmate, friend, caregiver I can be to/for Nathan. For those of you who think you know what your spouse wants...why not ask them. You JUST MIGHT BE SURPRISED!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So I Take Things a Little Out of Order

June 28 - Ask your husband every morning how you can pray for him that day. Bonus: Fast and pray for him one day this week.

Well this part of the "challenge" isn't very hard for me. Nathan and I have a time of reading/prayer together every morning. We have worked diligently on communication over the last 15 years and I am not afraid to specifically ask Nathan how he needs me to keep him covered in prayer. I also am NOT afraid to ask Nathan to pray for me. There are times I will call him at work JUST to hear his voice and have him pray for/over me.

I am also participating in a FB (facebook) group that is reading a chapter per week from "The Power of a Praying Wife" and discussing it online. I am learning to pray for Nathan in new and poweful ways. It is exciting!!!

So even though it is out of order I am still working on being the wife Nathan needs, wants and deserves. It's NOT too late to join. :-)

In Him,


Monday, July 26, 2010

Realizing that God is FOR ME!!!

Lately I have been struggling with feeling unvalued, unloved, unappreciated and untreasured. Realizing just how fragile my heart is and how people will ALWAYS let me down, fail me, despise me and hurt me. This song will touch you. This song will minister to you. This song will set you free from the quicksand of feeling that you must appease people, please them and make sure everyone around you is happy and likes you. Be blessed today...knowing that HE IS FOR YOU!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Praying for your enemies

*Unnecessary Disclaimer*-This is MY blog. Yes it is readily available to whomever. No I'm NOT perfect, I'm NOT a saint and I'm NOT always happy, nice or sappy all the time. This is MY blog. If you don't want to be offended, hurt or other random emotion...feel free NOT to read this next post.

So last night I actually had a name to fill in the blank and it happened to be one that was readily familiar. One that had passed over my lips in much other uses most of my sad is that?

Let me not be so naive or foolish to belive that I would be able to have friends, be a friend, keep a friend my entire life.

You call me "self righteous Christian" talk about me in quotes. You defame me, call me hurtful names, tell lies about me, TO me and betray me. You have broken your vows to MANY people including me. Trust is severed, confindences broken, hearts shredded. Kindness taken for granted? What do you know about kindness at this point?

You are right about one thing. This IS heartbreaking. All of it.

It isn't wasted time though. I told my daughter today how grateful I was to have had you in my life and I pray that she is able to have a friend such as you for even a brief moment in life. Yes I tell people things. It's called vulnerability, honesty, accountability. My family knows that I've been hurt. They pray for me and with me. Guess what??? My BEST FRIEND sent me flowers today. He loves me UNCONDITIONALLY. I am so blessed to have Nathan. I'm also blessed to have SO many friends in my life, but MOST IMPORTANTLY I'm blessed to have a relationship with Jesus.
You call this a cop-out. I call it security.

I will continue to pray for you. NOT that our relationship be reconciled. I honestly don't want to associate with you anymore, but I am praying for YOU. Bitterness destroys people. Also God's Word speaks to unforgivess. I WANT to be forgiven by my Father, so I MUST forgive you.

I WILL keep praying for you...for how long???? Until I hear your name and I no longer cry, wince, get angry, think bad things, drudge up old memories, belittle myself, cry, cry, cry....That might take until I'm in glory with Jesus. It's ok. Forgiveness is WORTH it!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Glorious Evening

Nathan and I were blessed with a once in a lifetime opportunity Saturday night. God is faithful and gracious to love us enough to make a way for things such as this to happen. Our dear friend Barbara blessed us with the joy and privilege to attend the Gaither Vocal Band concert at the Biltmore Estate. The South Terrace makes a wonderful backdrop for any event, but espcially a conert honoring the One who created that view. I cannot begin to describe to you the color of the sky after the lightening storm. I cannot put into words the move of the Spirit amongst His people. I am inadequate to represent the beauty, splendor, majesty, grace and power of that night. All I can say was it was a glimpse of heaven, pure and unadulterated. It was worship in it's finest state. I pray as long as I am able to that I will remember that evening.

Sure there are little details such as Michael English singing for the first time in four months after his surgery. Or the fact that it was the "Reunion Tour" and it was the Gaither Vocal Band at it's finest (minus Guy..tear, tear). Maybe you are interested in knowing that they let Mark Lowry sing "Mary did you Know". Perhaps to some the finest moment would have been hearing Gloria do the narration on "There's Just Something About that Name". I have some favorite moments too...Gordon Mote singing "Don't Let Me Miss the Glory". Michael English weeping in a state of brokeness, dependance and freedom was moving. Bill practically in tears as he sang to his bride of 48 years. It was remarkable, worshipful, moving and I will forever be grateful to have been a part of it.

I will leave you with a lyric from "Let Freedom Ring". David Phelps sang these words that one again pierced my soul "‎God built freedom into every fiber of creation
and He meant for us to all be free and whole. When my Lord bought freedom with the blood of His redemption His cross stamped pardon on my very soul."

Be free today knowing that if Jesus is YOUR LORD that this kind of worship, joy and freedom will be yours for ETERNITY. I look forward to singing His praises with you forever and we won't have to buy a ticket. Christ already reserved our spot with His blood!! Isn't that cool????

In Him,


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rising to the "Challenge"

So I am trying to play catch up on this challenge I am participating in this summer. I didn't discover it until several weeks into the challenge. The first week was simply to announce to my readers I am participating...check.

Week 2 was to post pics of our "dating days" or to tell about them. Well I don't honestly know how to use my scanner. I hope that I will figure it out so I can post some pics later. However, I will tell you about our early dating days.

Nathan and I met in college. We actually were in a piano class together. I'm sure I had seen him but honestly had not paid much attention. He was simply a classmate. To tell the truth I was slightly interested in his best friend Tim Turbyfill. I also was struggling because I was involved in a serious relationship with my high school boyfriend who at the time was a Marine stationed in Okinawa. I had a feeling that Ben was going to propose upon returning from Japan and I wasn't sure that I could or should marry him. Let's just say I was a CONFLICTED teen. Well one night I had returned to the music building LATE to practice or get something out of my locker. Tim, Nathan and their friend Mike were all there in the lobby of the Coulter building. Tim introduced Nathan and me and instantly it was discovered that Nathan knew my brother Philip. Philip had helped with band camp at Erwin High School (Nathan's Alma Mater). I didn't find this extremely odd. Many people know my brother. *(Here's where it gets a little interesting.)* We were in the building VERY close to "closing time". Tim and Mike wanted to go up to the roof of the building and hang out, but we didn't want to risk being discovered so we hid until the building had been secured. Then we snuck up on the roof. There was a great view of campus and we just talked and hung out (the four of us). If I remember correctly I think Mike was practicing up there. was November 4, 1994. A little chilly that night and I didn't have a coat. Nathan let me borrow his coat. I found out later on that this was a very expensive down filled coat and he was pretty protective of it. Hehehehe. I told him about Ben. We laughed, talked and enjoyed ourselves. I spent more time talking to him than to Tim. He offerred to walk me back to my dorm room. I honestly can't remember if I allowed him that pleasure. I just remember it was a pleasant evening. I remained conflicted. Nathan asked me out several times after this evening. I said "NO" firmly yet nicely each time. A few weeks after our rooftop rendevous Nathan's brother Anthony was in an accident and was hospitalized. Nathan was quite distraught and wanted to see his brother but his car was extremely unreliable. So I offered my car to him. He felt badly that I offered so I told him I would take him. I don't want to drag this out so I'll try and condense this...

I met Nathan's parents in the hospital room and Na's dad said "Oh so SHE's the one??? When are you two FINALLY going to go out???". No tact. Like father like son...hahahaha! On the way home I cried most of the way. I was so conflicted. Watching Nathan and his family pray over Anthony...knowing that he had told his family about me. I was touched. Knowing that I wasn't sure what I was ALL too much. I was VERY quiet on the way home (which is ODD for When we arrived back at WCU Nathan and I sat in the car neither one wanting the evening to end. Against my better judgement and through my conliction I KISSED him. After that evening we were inseperable. We met November 4, 1994. Got engaged on Jan. 20, 1995 and I changed my last name and became his bride on May 20, 1995.

So there you have it...Nathan and Janelle Flint in a nutshell. There are other details that are important to us, but would probably bore you all. Just know that I am SOOOO blessed to have him as my best friend, lover, husband, soul mate, protector, father of my children and encourager.

In Him,


So Here's Part of the "Challenge"

I told you that I would be participating in this summer challenge. Yes I started behind (as I do most things in my life), but I am hanging in there ;-). Here's the challenge from July 4th. I had already completed it so I can cross that one off my list...

Courtney's original challenge

Here's my answer

Be blessed today!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Joining the challenge

Joining this challenge. Yes I know I'm late, but I just recently found this site through my friend Alecia. I'm gonna try and catch up on this challenge. It sounds SOOO fun!
Have a blessed 4th weekend.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Dreams and Goals

So today is the kind of day when I feel flooded with dreams, plans, desires and creativity. Unfortunately most days like this are also hindered by the fact that I don't have the time, energy or proper outlets to fulfill these plans, dreams etc.

The ONLY point of this entry is to remind myself that I still can dream. I still am able to create and be spontaneous. I want to read this entry months from now and remember that I am smart, funny, witty and talented. I just can't always show it in outward ways right now.

So much I want to do. So much I dream to do. So much I can do...just not now ;-)

Monday, June 7, 2010

First Attempt

Today was the first attempt of getting pics of all five kiddos. Not quite a complete disaster..only a partial one! Thanks to Angie, Joy, Sarah and Mom and Dad Flint who went with me. Yes it really did take ALL of those people to calm, walk, rock, feed, change babies or entertain and help the older three. Try this link and see what you think. Thumbnails of the kids

This was to be a Father's Day present, but we broke down and gave Dad his photo tonight. The look on his face was worth all of the hassle. Oh...did I mention that we ran out of diapers today while at the mall and Jonathan peed on me twice??? I had to go to CJ Banks and buy a shirt (or just to make it home. It was an uncomfortable and slightly traumatizing day, but oh so worth it.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Ever feel like the entire world is changing all around you, but you are staying the same?

Ever feel like the more you want to or try to change the more you become entrenched in your stagnation?

Ever wish for change so much that it hurts?

Well....if not than you can't relate to me.

This is me today....

Wishing for change...any change...just something different than what I have now.

Friday, May 21, 2010

15 Things That I Love About Nathan

These are the things about Nathan that still make me smile after 15 years. There are MANY more (but I can't type

1. His heart-Nathan LOVES the Lord. He has such a soft heart. His relationship with His Savior is sweet and tender. He loves Jesus more than he loves me and this makes me smile.

2. His love-Nathan is NOT a romantic in fact he sucks at it. How can I love that? Well it's taken MANY years to get through this. I'll admit that nothing would make me smile more than to be whisked away on a spontaneous, romatic outing or to receive flowers JUST BECAUSE or to have love notes waiting for me on my pillow. BUT...that's NOT Nathan. He loves me by working EVERY DAY in a job that he struggles with. He loves me by fighting consistent and debilitating depression and remaining with us. He loves me by mowing the grass and cooking breakfast almost every Saturday. He loves me by keeping our cars running smoothly. He loves me by playing with our children. He loves me by bringing me coffee on Sunday mornings. He loves me by not expecting our house to be perfectly clean. Get the idea??? He loves me uniquely and completely...just in different ways than the norm.

3. His voice- If you haven't heard him...HE CAN SING!!! When Nathan sings praises to the Lord I am always moved to tears. Nathan's heart desire is to sing full time. I pray that the Lord grants this wish. I would SOOOO dig being his back up singer. Nathan rocks my socks even when singing lullabies or rock band/guitar hero songs.

4. His vulnerability- Nathan has been through a lot. He has a past that would make most shy away from love, but he through Jesus is overcoming this. He has been COMPLETELY and TOTALLY honest with me about who he is, what he's done, what has been done to him, how he handled it...etc. I know every hurt, habit and hang-up and love him even more deeply and tenderly because of it.

5. His passion- He wants to be the best at everything he does. Whether this is a job, a skill or trade, a hobby...It doesn't matter. Nathan gives his all to whatever he tries. I appreciate this and am grateful that he is instilling this character trait in our children.

6. His smile- I appreciate this more and more every day. There was a long time I didn't see him smile. He struggled with 18 months of life changing depression. That smile I missed is back and I am grateful to God. Granted I don't see it everyday, but when I do it ROCKS MY WORLD!!!

7. His sense of humor- Nathan is by nature an introvert so when he comes out of his turtle shell long enough to get silly it is a treasure. When he tells a joke, says something sarcastic, or just has plain old fun I enjoy this immensely. Nathan really is a funny guy and that's why it's such a gift to see this side of him. I am grateful that he puts up with me. I am silly more than I should be, and am often sarcastic and caustic. I am witty and can use that to be manipulative and cruel sometimes. Not what humor was intended for at all. I admit it's a character flaw. That's why Nathan's humor is so refreshing. It's honest and pure. Almost child-like.

8. His knowledge- Nathan is very knowledgable at lots of things. I used to joke about him being Bob Villa by day and Martha Stewart by night. He is mechanically AND musically minded, an odd combination. He is a percussionist and vocalist. He can cook better than I do. He can sew and iron. He can repair large and small engines. He can build and repair houses. There isn't much Nathan can't do and I'm so grateful. He truly completes me. The Lord knew I needed someone to fulfill all of my inadequacies (too many to name). Nathan is my better half.

9. His kiss- once again something that I don't take for granted these days. Life is hard right now. It's busy and complicated and dificult some days. Yes there are days that go by that I don't kiss my husband. This doesn't make him a bad man. It just is the way it is right now. So, when Nathan is present with me enough and emotionally available enough to kiss me unprompted it makes my world spin. I like all kinds of kisses. Any time that man puckers up I ENJOY IT!!!

10. His Obsessive Compulsive Disorder/Depression- WOW! What an odd thing to type. Once again a hard one, but a gift non the less. His OCD has drawn us closer. Most people divorce these days. Many of our friends are divorced or going through a divorce. Yet we just celebrated 15 years and are happier now than ever. Why??? Well one of the reasons is because we have been in counseling together for many years. Although right now we are not seeing anyone, for years we did. Because Nathan finally sought help for his chemical imbalance and other issues we got some stuff out in the open. Counseling kept us together. Please don't get me wrong. Sitting there in front of Len Cruz for years wasn't easy. Hearing things I didn't want to hear. Saying things I really didn't want to say. Crying tears I wish weren't shed. ALL WORTH IT!!! I know Nathan. I love Nathan. I accept Nathan. There are many up-sides to OCD.

11. His ability to let go of things- As passionate as Nathan can be and obsessive at times he also has the ability to disconnect. This is something I don't have the ability to do. I hold onto everything (literally and emotionally). I am a packrat (genetic predisposition). My mother is a hoarder. My Nannie was a hoarder. I am fighting this DAILY. Nathan doesn't like cards. Don't get me wrong when I get him a card he reads it, says thank you and then throws it promptly in the trash. This used to PEAVE ME OFF. Now I understand we don't have the room or need to save these things. Nathan knows I love him. He doesn't need piles of paper to prove it. Why do I??? Still wondering this!!! Anyway...he also can disconnect emotionally. He forgives people when they hurt him. He doesn't stew over it or hold onto emotional baggage for YEARS like I do. I LOVE this quality he has, and am praying that I can learn it someday.

12. His love for our children- Nathan is a GREAT daddy. He is strong and gentle. Loving and able to discipline. He is fun and serious. He cares and lets go. He knows when to get involved and when to back off of things. He loves, loves, loves his children. I love watching him parent. I love the fact that he was with me during all three deliveries. He was an excellent labor support person in every situation and circumstance. He takes care of the children emotionally, physically, financially and spirtually. He shows them Christ and that's the greatest gift of all.

13. His physical attributes- What woman doesn't think her man is the most handsome ever? Yes I know Nathan is overweight. Yes I know he's not a GQ cover model. It's ok. I love him just the way he is. Would I like him to change? Yes, but I'm sure he would like me to change too. Nathan has gorgeous eyes, a sweet smile, good hair, srong hands...I could go on and on but I won't. I think he's the most handsome man I've ever seen and it still makes my heart skip a beat to see him walk in a room.

14. His ability to dream- Some day we'll own a timber frame house that Nathan helped build. Someday we'll go on a cruise. Someday Nathan will sing with a Christian group. Someday we'll be out of debt. Someday Nathan will own a business. Someday he'll go back to school for a degree in counseling. Someday...He dreams and he shares those dreams. We don't live in the future, we don't dwell on it...we just keep each other encouraged by dreaming. I'm glad Nathan does this.

15. His choices- I love that he chose me. He could have done a lot better for a wife, but he chose me and I will be FOREVER grateful.

So fifteen things for fifteen years. I love you Nathan. Something else I love about you is that you'll never even read this. You hate the Maybe I'll print it off and read it too you???? It's ok. I hope whomever reads this knows how much I love you and am loved by you. Happy Anniversary Nathan Roy Flint. I love you!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Just a glimpse into my gift...

A peaceful Mother's Day has really given me a chance to ponder what it means to be a mother. Even more specifically what it means to mother MY children. Being a mother is the greatest gift I have EVER received (besides SALVATION and the last name FLINT...)!!! It you to get just a little glimpse into why being a mother to these five AMAZING children is such a gift.

*Joseph William Flint (Born Sunday June 17, 2001-Father's Day that year and Tyler's Birthday)*
Joseph is my gift in MANY ways. I had a wonderful, unmedicated birth with Joseph. I labored in the tub and was able to be fully present in every way. It was truly holy and I'm forever grateful to have had these moments. He was being born as the sun was rising and I felt God's presence in the room in such a mighty way. It was beautiful.

His name was chosen for several reasons. "Joseph" is biblical. In Hebrew "Joseph" means "Jehovah increases". That is our prayer that God would increase Joseph's life. That he would be blessed with more than we have and that he would experience EVERYTHING God has for him. "William" is a family name. My Papa's name is David Williams and My Grandpa's name was Dexter William Morgan.

At approximately the age of three we realized that something was "different" about Joseph. While I was pregnant with Jesse and JoyAnn, Joseph began to exhibit strange mannerisms and regress verbally and lose some fine motor dexterity. He also became increasingly anxious and agitated. By the age of four there was an official diagnosis of ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). Through this frustrating, complicated and overwhelming disorder God has taught me SOOOOO much. Joseph sees the world in a very different way. I am amazed every day by him. God is growing me, stretching me, making me more like Him as I parent Joseph. Please don't get me wrong there are days I HATE AUTISM. There are days that I don't really like being Joseph's mom, but I ALWAYS LOVE HIM!!! I am learning to be his advocate and to accept him, FULLY and COMPLETELY as I release MY preconceived agendas for him. He is my "chocolate-eyed" boy with the delightful smile. Anyone who knows Joseph understands how his voice (whether singing or telling "stories") can draw a captive audience. I am pleased and blessed to be Joseph's mother.

*Jesse Morgan Flint (Born Sunday March 21, 2004)
My gentle spirit and #2 son. Nathan chose the name Jesse. He liked it's traditional sound and the fact that it was biblical yet fairly uncommon. Of course being a Dukes of Hazzard fan I wonder sometimes if he chose it because he liked Uncle Jesse ;-). Morgan is my maiden name. I wanted to honor my family of origin.

Jesse has a gentle, loving and unique spirit. He loves others with a deep love. However, he wears his emotions on his sleeve. He is afraid to cry sometimes and I think he stuffs his feelings too much. He doesn't stand up for himself and usually is the one to compromise. Lately however, he is becoming quite the pistol. Jesse's gorgeous smile and nice voice will come in handy someday I'm sure ;-). He loves his sister immensely and takes care of his little brothers quite well. Jesse is more patient with Joseph than JoyAnn usually and they are learning to play together quite nicely. I could easily say that he is a delight to be around.

He is mechanically minded and loves to figure out how things work. Jesse is too hard on himself though and expects perfection from himself and others THE FIRST TIME. I would say that Jesse is my "middle of the road" kid. He is average in learning, development etc. and is totally ok with that!

JoyAnn Renee Flint (Born Sunday March 21, 2004)
JoyAnn is truly a princess. Although she's not girly at all(hahahaha). She is a little demanding, dramatic and diva-ish. However, she can jump higher, run faster, hit farther, catch better etc. than either one of her brothers. I hear that she looks exactly like me (God bless her little soul). She has a precious smile and beautiful eyes. She is smart as a whip and probably a little advanced (even if I say so myself).

Mercy and compassion towards others (besides her are a gift of hers. She has a desire for the things of the Lord and I believe her heart is softening to Him. She misses her Nannie and talks about her quite often. She is a tremendous help with James and Jonathan. She acts as if she doesn't need people but she really does. She is totally connected to Jesse. I love her and look forward to becoming a good friend to her in years to come. I pray she can always talk to Nathan and me about anything. She will make a great wife and mother someday.

Jonathan Israel Flint (Born Sunday December 20, 2009)
This lil' man is just a love bug. We call him "smiley". He has a great smile and a lil' tongue just goes non-stop. He is ABSOLUTELY precious. You would never know that he was a preemie or had to be on a vent for a short time. I have a feeling that Jonathan is going to be an overachiever. He can already roll over both directions. We call him "turtle boy" because when he gets stuck on his back though he gets angry. He has sweet eyes and a cute little "boo boo" lip. Jesse has a connection to Jonathan that I can't wait to develop. Jonathan loves to play, swing, be held and look at people.

Although we NEVER planned on having twins AGAIN I am so blessed to have Jonathan. I cannot imagine my life without him. He holds a special place in my heart and I am so blessed that his time in NICU was short and we don't have any reason to believe that he has long term effects from prematurity.

James Paul Flint (Born Sunday December 20, 2009)
Named after our fathers (James Morgan and Randolph "Paul" Flint) he is a precious way to complete our family. #5 has a crooked half smile that lights up a room. He sings himself to sleep and everytime I hear it I want to cry with joy and happiness. He is a hunk, chunk and "the hulk". He really has bulked up from a mere 4 lbs. 11 oz.

James just loves to be held and is quite social. I love the fact that he takes things at his own pace. He doesn't seem bothered or worried about anything. I hope he can stay that way (granted he is only 4 months The only thing about James that is challenging right now is his VERY LOUD cry. It hurts your ears and makes you want to scream right along with him (especially at 4 in the morning).

I am glad that James was part of a duo. A few of my friends refer to James and Jonathan as the "Sons of Thunder". I pray that God will use James and his twin MIGHTILY for His kingdom.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Being Understood

I believe that being understood, TRULY understood by another human being is one of the greatest gifts one can receive.

I feel very alone today. Honestly I feel alone quite often. I don't think this is just a new mom, stay at home thing. I really feel as if I'm not connected to God, myself or others in a deep and meaningful way. Perhaps my expectations of myself and others are too high and unattainable. Maybe I want too much. Could I be too needy? I don't even think I understand myself sometimes.

Yesterday I was reminded that I don't have to be understood by others. I don't have to have anyone but Jesus. I have a long way to go, but I'm meditating on this and praying that God embeds this message deep into my soul. Be blessed by the message of this song. Worship Him unashamed and allow His love to heal the wounds you may have of being misused, misunderstood, discarded, betrayed, hurt, left alone, not needed, not wanted, looked over, used up, and being taken advantage of by others.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Yet Another Update

Jonathan's first sneakers

"Mirror,mirror on the wall...who's the cutest baby of them all???"

The boys chillin'

The Twins (both sets)

Jonathan Israel

A Couch Full of Love

So maybe someday I'll have a chance to write something meaningful. To really express what's on my heart. For's simply pics.

Enjoy ;-)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

What I'm Reading Right Now

Not that I have an immense amount of time to read, but here are a few of the selections that I'm taking in right now.

"Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young. This devotional was just given to me recently by my friend Millie Sharpe. I LOVE IT!!!

"Checklist for Life for Women"

"Lover of My Soul" Alan D. Wright (Re-read)

I recommend ANY of these. Here are some others that I have read and would like to share with you.

"PAPA Prayer" by Dr. Larry Crabb
"Financial Peace Revisited" Dave Ramsey
"Redeeming Love" Francine Rivers
"I'm Not Good Enough and other Lies..." Sharon Jaynes
"Don't Waste Your Life" John Piper
"Approval Addiction" Joyce Meyers
*Any book/study by Beth Moore or Kay Arthur*
"The Zippered Heart" Marilyn Meberg
"I'm Not Good Enough and Other Lies..." Sharon Jaynes
"Creative Correction" Lisa Whelchel
"This Present Darkness" Frank Peretti
"The Oath" Frank Peretti
"The Prophet" Frank Peretti

I know there are others. So many others...right now they just don't come to mind. I wish I had more time to read. To read God's Word. To read anything.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Long Time No Write...

One laughing and one crying (par for the course)

JoyAnn is SUCH a big helper. I am blessed to have her.

Sweet baby James. He loves being on Sarah's lap.

Jonathan chilling in his floor toy.

James smiling while playing with "Mr. Bee"

I guess you guys (if anybody reads this) forgive me because I'm so busy. However, I really do want to try and keep up with this blog a little more regularly.

Hope you enjoy the new pics of the crew. I will try and write more later.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Latest Photos

Look at thoses eyes...Jonathan and James enjoying floor time with Sarah

James during tummy time

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Moving Forward

This is what I needed to hear AGAIN today. When I opened up Pandora it was the first song to play. I hope it encourages you as much as it did me this morning. God bless you as you "Move Forward"...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Just a quick update

My lil' James

JoyAnn feeding James

Jonathan getting a change

Grandpa and James

The "dynamic duo"

I was doing so well with my blog and then....well LIFE.

Here we go though a few photos...

The boys have been home from NICU one month as of last Friday. They are both fighting nasty colds and stomach mess. Pray for us..huh???

Monday, February 1, 2010

Groundhog Day...

So tomorrow is Groundhog Day. Sometimes I wish I was that lil' critter. I could EASILY crawl back into my hole for six more weeks! Needing a lil' break today. Please pray for us...


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Whining, Waffles and Wondering....

Whining...I have heard LOTS of that lately. My older three are really struggling to adjust to all of this newness. They are feeling disconnected from each other, from their routine and from mom and dad. I have had to deal with some pretty nasty behavioral stuff in the last few days. I am feeling completely out of my league. I am so tired of hearing and SAYING the words "No", "Stop that", "Don't". Catch my drift??? I have no energy to deal with this. I feel hopeless and I want to whine myself. Maybe that's what I'm doing in this blog...hahaha!

Waffles...taking as much Fenugreek as I have been makes your sweat and skin smell like maple syrup. I hope taking this herb helps. I wonder about my milk supply. to try and keep up with two kiddos is a daunting task. Jonathan is nursing fairly well. James has yet to have enough strength and stamina to nurse so he gets breast milk in a bottle. I could use a good Belgian waffle right now from IHOP covered in boysenberry syrup with hash browns and a STRONG cup of coffee!!! is this all going to pan out? Am I going to warp my children? What was I thinking? Why am I homeschooling? Why two sets of twins? Will my children EVER stop fighting? Will I ever sleep again? When is the next time I'm goint to take a shower? What about a date? I feel like I haven't had a real meaningful, soul touching conversation with Nathan in months. I wonder when I will be able to go to church again...WITH my family. I wonder why I feel so lost, disconnected and hopeless. I wonder what these boys will look like, what they will be, are they healthy? I wonder, I wonder, I wonder....

A heart full. A head full. A life full. Today I am barely swimming. I would say I'm dog paddling. Thanks for letting me share...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just Keep Swimming

I know, I know...I keep promising more pics and not delivering. Forgive me!!!

Yesterday was a busy day. Jonathan and James had their first pediatric appointment. We have switched all five kids to a NEW ped. We met Dr. Bryan for the first time yesterday. He seems very smart and extremely gentle. I am not sure about his stance on chiropractic and vaccinations yet...keep you posted. The boys are doing well. They each weighed 5 lbs. 9 and a half oz. They were each 18" long and the doc gave them an "A". Praise God. We'll just keep doing what we are doing and praying for the best.

Mom came over today and I took almost a two hour nap. It was glorious. Of course I haven't had a shower in three days and my shirt is on inside out and backwards, but besides that...

Post partum depression is somewhere lurking. It hasn't really shown it's evil face yet, but the darkness isn't far away...EVER! I was very overwhelmed last Friday. I called Nathan just to hear his voice and to have him pray for me. He lovingly and graciously took the time to do that. After asking specifically what it was I was feeling...I told him I just felt like I was drowning. Later that afternoon a simply GORGEOUS arrangement of flowers showed for ME from my husband with a card that said "Just Keep Swimming". Aren't I blessed? I have a loving Heavenly Father, an amazing husband and FIVE unique and precious children. It is taking me a while to process all of this.

Keep praying for us!!! We certainly haven't found our "groove" and are in desperate need of some sanity and SERENITY!!!

In Him,


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

And So It Begins...

Well I have no pics as of yet..Mimi did take some that I hope to post soon.
We picked up the boys yesterday and brought them home at about 6:30 pm. The kids were ECSTATIC to meet their new brothers. It was a frigid yet special arrival.

We had a LONG night. Jonathan especially struggled. This nursing thing is going to take a while to get the hang of for all involved. Oh and trying to pump in between and find clean clothes in the drawers that somebody else organized at 3 am isn't easy either. Don't get me wrong I am NOT complaining, just trying to wrap my head around it all!!!

So this morning after their 7:30-8am feeding I found the burp cloths and receiving blankets in the basement (we just moved last week). I reorganized the clothes and washed up the preemie items we just purchased yesterday. I am drinking coffee and although DECAF it makes me SMILE!!! Even though we were without power for over an hour this morning all seems to be going well. Nathan took today off, but unfortunately must return to work tomorrow. Although this makes me extremely sad I know it is the right thing.

I am happy today. I am glad to know Jesus, AND glad to be on CELEXA!!! :-)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Belated New Year and Update on the Boys

Mommy holding James (Christmas Day)

James Flint close up (Christmas Day)

Jonathan Flint close up

DadDad holding Jonathan

Happy New Year to all from the Flint family!!! May God's richest blessings rain down upon you in 2010.

2009 was quite a year. Nathan was laid off from the Cove. He went without a job for several months and FINALLY God blessed him with a wonderful opportunity to work alongside Vince Anderson at Cove Auto Repair. So he went from the Cove to the We found out in May we were pregnant again, and in June discovered it was TWINS AGAIN!!! Pre-term labor arrived on Dec. 15th when my water broke. So seven weeks early James and Jonathan Flint made their debut on December 20th. Oh and in the midst of ALL of this we moved from Black Mountain to Swannanoa. We now live in my grandfather's house in Grovemont. We have lived here for three days!!! There is a lot yet to accomplish but at least we have a home to which we can bring the boys!!! Speaking of the boys....they might get to come home from the NICU this week!!!! YEAH!!! Having all five children under one roof will make life MUCH easier!

Thanks for praying for us. Thanks for loving us. Thanks for supporting us. We will try our best to keep you udated on our family. For now here are a few pics of the new additions...

Their favorite position!!!

The "sons of thunder"...Jonathan still on his billy blanket

Jonathan on Christmas Day!!! What a sweet outfit.

James yawning on Christmas

More snuggling