Monday, May 30, 2011

Truly Remembering

So several months have passed without me boring you with my ramblings.  Here I am today filled with nostalgia, wonder and patriotism and it made me want to blog.  It's Memorial Day.  A day set aside for Americans to remember the lives of those men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives in service to our country.  It's also the start of summer, a holiday from work, a weekend full of travel, cookouts, fun and usually watermelon.  (I hope I get some watermelon today)

I am grateful for those in my life that have served in the armed forces.  My Papa was in the Army.  My father is retired Air Force.  He also served in the Navy.  I have friends who have served in the Marines, Navy and Army AND Coast Guard.  I am afforded many "rights" because of the freedom that they have helped to maintain.  I am grateful.

I am grateful also for the freedom that I have in Christ.  His blood, his ultimate sacrifice insured my FOREVER freedom.  Thank you simply isn't enough for that.  I don't want to EVER forget what he did for me.  I want my praise to "go on and on and on...forever AMEN!!!"

Here's a song from Natalie Grant that says what my heart feels today.'s to remembering and here's to being truly grateful.