Saturday, March 27, 2010

What I'm Reading Right Now

Not that I have an immense amount of time to read, but here are a few of the selections that I'm taking in right now.

"Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young. This devotional was just given to me recently by my friend Millie Sharpe. I LOVE IT!!!

"Checklist for Life for Women"

"Lover of My Soul" Alan D. Wright (Re-read)

I recommend ANY of these. Here are some others that I have read and would like to share with you.

"PAPA Prayer" by Dr. Larry Crabb
"Financial Peace Revisited" Dave Ramsey
"Redeeming Love" Francine Rivers
"I'm Not Good Enough and other Lies..." Sharon Jaynes
"Don't Waste Your Life" John Piper
"Approval Addiction" Joyce Meyers
*Any book/study by Beth Moore or Kay Arthur*
"The Zippered Heart" Marilyn Meberg
"I'm Not Good Enough and Other Lies..." Sharon Jaynes
"Creative Correction" Lisa Whelchel
"This Present Darkness" Frank Peretti
"The Oath" Frank Peretti
"The Prophet" Frank Peretti

I know there are others. So many others...right now they just don't come to mind. I wish I had more time to read. To read God's Word. To read anything.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Long Time No Write...

One laughing and one crying (par for the course)

JoyAnn is SUCH a big helper. I am blessed to have her.

Sweet baby James. He loves being on Sarah's lap.

Jonathan chilling in his floor toy.

James smiling while playing with "Mr. Bee"

I guess you guys (if anybody reads this) forgive me because I'm so busy. However, I really do want to try and keep up with this blog a little more regularly.

Hope you enjoy the new pics of the crew. I will try and write more later.