Monday, November 30, 2009

The 12 Days Twisted a Little

Here is a group called Straight No Chaser and their version of the 12 Days. I first heard this several years ago as it was being passed around the internet via email. It is quite funny how they keep changing the song, and these guys are really talented. Enjoy....

Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like....

Here's the Johnny Mathis classic "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas".

I wish I could say that about our house. However, right now all it looks like is a big MESS. In the next 24 days I am supposed to move to Swannanoa, help to decorate and ensure my three older children that Christmas WILL happen. They are afraid that due to the change in location, the imminent birth of the twins and other issues that Christmas is being "cancelled" as Jesse says.

Pray for me that in my heart it WILL begin to look a lot like Christmas. Pray for me that I will allow God's plan to unfold in my life and that I will allow people to help me. Pray that this move will happen and that the babies wait until after Christmas. Pray for all of the Flint family.



Saturday, November 28, 2009

Just to be silly....

This video is made by a church call Central Christian Church. I have watched many of their videos. They are all quite good. Here is Louis Favreau singing his "Christmas for Reals..." Hope you get a laugh...

Be blessed today,


Friday, November 27, 2009

You Gotta Love It

Today's song is the Drifters "White Christmas". It just makes me smile...


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Today's Song


From one of our FAVORITE family movies "The Polar Expres". Here is "When Christmas Comes to Town".

Happy Thanksgiving,


"Thankful Fors...."

We started this several years ago. I believe it was when Jesse and JoyAnn were two or three (maybe earlier). Every night as a part of our "bedtime checklist" we have either "family bed" or "family couch". This is where every person in the family has a chance to say whatever they would like to say UNINTERUPPTED. Sometimes it's what they liked or disliked about the day. Joseph usually tells us a story. Sometimes we all take turns making up a story. There usually is tickling involved and laughter. It is a precious time and I am grateful for it. I wonder how it will work when we have five little ones participating...:-)

Before Daddy blesses us for the night there is a round of "thankful fors". This is where each person in the family states what they are thankful for at that moment. For MANY months Joseph only said "drums and guitars". Now he really gets the concept and I am so proud of him. Often we hear repetative things, but sometimes there is something new. Sometimes they are silly. Sometimes serious. Sometimes both. However, I am praying that we are cultivating a spirit of thankfulness in our kids. An attitude of gratitude.

Today is an ENTIRE day devoted to "thankful fors". I could list so many. What a year it's been. Sometimes my heart is too full to even share my gratitude and my appreciation just spills out in the form of tears. Whatever you might be grateful for today...savor it. Tell those around you how much you love and appreciate them. Tell the Lord how blessed you are by His provision in your life. Write a list and save it for the days when you are feeling forgotten and forsaken. Share your "thankful fors" around the table. Be grateful. Be thankful. Be changed by a spirit of gratitude!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving,


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Counting Down

My mind is so full of stuff these days. I can't remember for sure, but I think this is a technique we learned from Greg and Nathalie. When the kids are preparing to go somewhere or gearing up for an event or holiday we count the "sleeps" until that day. We even mark it on the calendar.

This year we have already made our paper chain to count down the days until December 25th. Even though the chain will have to be removed and replaced on the wall in our new home (hopefully the move takes place in the next two weeks...that's another blog). So when I rediscovered this song I thought it TOTALLY appropriate for our family and wanted to share it with you. The kids just spent sometime with Mimi (Nathan's mother) recently and watched this movie. I had forgotten about this scene. I hope you enjoy "One More Sleep 'Till Christmas" from a Muppet Christmas Carol.

Happy Thanksgiving (one day early),



Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Michael W. Smith is a gifted musician, singer, songwriter. I love his music ANY time of year, but his Christmas music is especially inspiring and God honoring. I hope you enjoy "Christmastime"


Monday, November 23, 2009

Silent Night

This version by Boyz II Men has incredibly beautiful harmonies. I just love this hymn. Once again because it was meant to be a lullaby and I am TOTALLY in baby mode right

Be blessed today,



Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Christmas Lullaby

This song could be sung any time, but I always love it at Christmas. I think of Mary and Joseph singing it to their newborn son JESUS!!! This version is by Michael McDonald and Olivia Newton John. Be blessed today, and keep preparing your hearts for Christmas.




Saturday, November 21, 2009

Just another memory

Lyn Anderson's Christmas album was a standard in our home every year. There is just something about these old songs...especially on vinyl that make me happy. I remember decorating the tree to this song, wrapping presents and eating cookies. Corny, cute and quirky this song brings a smile to my face. I'm sure if my parents had a turntable they would play it once again. Maybe I could buy them one someday. My mom has some GREAT records. Enjoy....


Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas wishes for the young and old

Christmas isn't just about children. It's a gift to ALL of us. I love this song. There are MANY great versions, but I just stumbled upon this one by Kelly Clarkson. Enjoy "Grown Up Christmas List".


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Celtic Woman

I just recently discovered this group. What phenominal voices. Hope you enjoy this version of "Away in a Manger".


Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Snoring husband + dancing babies in utero = INSOMNIA!!!!!

Another Children's Classic

Every year as a child I couldn't wait for the Grinch Christmas special. I loved it. I still do to be honest. Here's the BEST song from the special. Enjoy...


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Born to Die


What a purpose. I often wonder what my children were created to do, to be, to become. Jesus' purpose was to SAVE THE WORLD by living a sinless life and then dying as our atonement. WOW!

Enjoy Bebo Norman's..."Born to Die"

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Sounds of a Choir


Sometimes there just isn't anything like the sound of a choir. Enjoy today's selection. This is the Coventry Carol.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Beautiful Version....

Another song from my childhood. We sang this in elementary school chorus. Also everytime I hear it I think of my children. How do they see Jesus? Have I shown them the Savior accurately? I pray I have. May we ALL see Jesus in a new and precious way this season. Enjoy...

James Taylor "Some Children See Him"


Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Heart that is Crushed...

I'm up because I have an excruciating headache, not to mention that Pizza Hut rang our doorbell at 11 pm for a pizza that we didn't order. We had been in bed over an hour. Come on the house was completely dark! Anyway.....

So I've had moments of extreme sadness and anger over Joseph and autism. I've had moments of wondering "what if". I've had some intense moments...but tonight I think I really let myself grieve.

Grieve you ask? Come haven't lost a child, a husband a parent. You live in America. You have a roof over your head. You have two cars in your driveway. The list goes on and on and on my friend. Yes I "hear" you.

There was something that happened tonight that I won't go into, but let me just tell you it was AWFUL. Joseph hasn't been in a "good place" this week. Well this month. I don't know what's happening with this lil' boy, but it's been tough on all of the Flints.

I hate what I think, what I feel, what I've seen and heard. I'm tired of being terrified. I'm tired of seeing that look of panic, fear and desperation in Joseph's eyes. I'm tired of watching him hurt, be fearful and uncomfortable in his own skin. I can't answer his questions. I can't stand to hear him say things like "well I'll never be able to do...., no one will like me, I can't, but this will hurt, what if I have to go to jail because I'm bad" He gets completely irrational. I mean REALLY I've NEVER said I would take him to jail. Where does he get that from? I've NEVER said I don't like him or that no one would be his friend. Is this something he really feels, or something he's heard from a movie.

I can't "speak" Joseph. I can't understand him. I just want to be a part of his life. What is his life? What is meaningful to him? Does he know love? What will his life be like in ten years, twenty years?

I am haunted sometimes by memories of tantrums (his AND mine). I am haunted by anger, sadness, horrific attempts to "connect", times of medication, therapies, etc. Sometimes I feel as if autism has taken over our lives.

I'm ANGRY. I'm hurt. I'm TERRIFIED. I'm exhausted. I'm deeply wounded. I'm so sad. I'm bitter. I wonder how much a little boy can take. I wonder how much I can take.

My heart hurts so much sometimes I can't even breathe. I'm NOT hormonal. I'm NOT typing this because I'm pregnant. I'm broken. Totally and deeply. I am so broken, and I don't know how to put the pieces back together. I want to be whole again. I want Joseph to be whole. What is whole?

It seems like the focus is always on what Joseph can't do, what he does "wrong" or what he struggles with. I am guilty of this mindset. I'm NOT blaming or pointing fingers. I'm just confessing, expressing, ok exploding. What CAN Joseph do?

As much as I want Joseph to be healed, I want to be healed. I want my heart to change. I want my mind to change. I want my family to be touched deeply. I want to look at that little boy and love him as deeply today as I did before I knew what was "wrong". I'm so tired of knowing what is "wrong". I NEED to see something good. I need to feel something good. I need something that I can not have it seems.

How can a mother even struggle with loving her son? What is that about? I'm so hurt, and just so confused. I've tried to years to hide it. I've been in therapy. I'm in Celebrate Recovery. I've read Scripture. I've prayed. I've been prayed for by friends. I've cried out to God. I've cried until I have no more tears left. I've had months and years of being "still and quiet". I'm so over it all. I've let bits and pieces of it out over the years. I want to let it all out. I'm tired of being this way.

And then there is a deep and new fear...what if James or Jonathan is autistic. I can't EVEN begin to entertain that thought or give it creedance. I won't. I just put it out there to be honest. Being honest. That's what this is all about. Joseph's life is different, and I'm not handling "different" very well at the moment. Honestly....AUTISM SUCKS.

I don't think it was a vaccine. I don't think it was a virus. I don't think it was because I was a bad mother, or that he watched too much t.v. I don't think it was caused by environmental factors. I believe honestly that when God stepped out into the blackness known as that dark void upon the face of the earth and said "Let there be light", He knew my boy would have autism. God is and WILL be glorified in Joseph's life and I pray in mine and in the lives of our family. There is something about this life that is good, wholesome and redemptive. I know it in my deepest fibers. My faith tells me this. I just need a glimpse Lord. Please just let me see You. Let Joseph see you. Meet me in my brokenness. I'm not asking for answers. I'm just asking for Your peace that passes understanding. I'm just asking...because I have been too afraid to do so in the past. I'm asking because I don't know what else to do right now Lord.

I can hardly type through the tears, and yes this pregnant woman has to go pee. If ANYONE reads this...thank you for thinking of us and if you share my faith...would you pray for us?

My Heart's Cry

Even though this song was written about the children of Israel praying for their Messiah, Redeemer to come and save them from their current problem of enslavement and captivity, I can relate to this carol with every fiber of my being. Oh Jesus, that you would come and save us all. That you would come and take us home to be with you. That you would bring peace to our world. Thank you Lord for being my Savior. Thank you for being Emmanuel!!!!

Brayn Duncan..."O Come, O Come Emmanuel"


Friday, November 13, 2009

Instrumental Christmas

George Winston's music is calming, soothing and inspiring. Hope you enjoy his rendition of "The Holly and the Ivy"...


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Childhood Favorite

I used to love watching the Charlie Brown Christmas special. Every year it was a highlight foretelling the upcoming holiday. Here is a taste of my childhood. Enjoy....


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How God's ways are higher than ours...

There is SO much about life I don't understand. I'm sure I won't even begin to scratch the surface until I get to glory. That bothered me for many years and now I am learning to simply rest in a Sovereign, Holy, and Uncomprehensible GOD!!! I love Him! Here's a song that speaks to that...

"A Strange Way to Save the World" by 4 Him


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

An Unusual Duet

Yolanda Adams tears up her part of the evening. I'm not so sure about Smokie Robinson, but anyway....ENJOY!


Monday, November 9, 2009

Christmas Duet

Nathan and I have had the pleasure of singing this duet twice. I'm certainly not implying that we did it justice, but it sure was fun!!! Enjoy Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith singing "No Eye Has Seen"....


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Heaven's Child

As I approach the birth of our third and fourth sons (Jonathan and James) I am thinking more and more about how Mary and Joseph felt as they brought their child into the world. Now PLEASE don't get me wrong. I am NOT implying that my children will be divine or holy. I completely understand that they will be little imperfect people. What I mean is that Jesus came into the world as a HUMAN baby boy. Mary went through the birthing process. Jesus had to be rocked to sleep and sung to by his parents. It is all so beautiful. I wonder what was going through Mary's heart and mind. I can hardly take it all in and it's just November 8th. Yet, Christmas really is everday isn't it?

Enjoy..."Heaven's Child" by the Martins">

Saturday, November 7, 2009

"God With Us"

Wow do I need this reminder DAILY! Our God is with us everyday in the form of Jesus our mediator. This is a beautiful song recorded in 1992 by Amy Grant. I hope you enjoy.


Friday, November 6, 2009

A Gift of Music

Several years ago I was blessed to be a part of a wonderful Christmas musical based on the music of Michael W. Smith entitled Agnus Dei. I was the music director at Black Mtn. United Methodist church and we made it a joint effort with First Baptist in Black Mtn. It was an AMAZING experience. It was captured on video, unfortunately it's been lost (borrowed, stolen...something). So all I have are the memories that God has blessed me with. This is NOT my favorite song from the program, but once again it was one of the only ones that I could find on Youtube. We sang the program once at the baptist church using their conductor/soloists and then again at our church with our soloists and me conducting. It was a packed house, the Spirit was present and the music was enrapturing. It was one of the musical/spiritual highlights of my life. This blog really doesn't do it justice. I hope you enjoy just this sample from the listening CD.

Be blessed,


Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Life Well Lived

So today I am praying for a life well lived. A life full of kingdom purpose and God honoring actions. I want to make a difference in the life of my husband, my children and my community. I am focusing on the positive instead of the negative. I am putting aside/behind all that distracts. I am grateful for my life. Oh, and I'm grateful that Christmas is only 50ish days away and the boys should be here in approx. 70 days. Life is good....

Today's song....
Natalie Grant's "I Believe"


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Cradle in Bethlehem

Nat King Cole's version is spectacular too, but I couldn't find a video on youtube that I liked. However, Sara's version is very nice as well. This is Sara Groves. Enjoy....


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

As Promised...

Sorry I missed yesterday. It was a CRAZY day! So here's two for your pleasure today.

Here's David Phelps' version of "O Holy Night"


Oh and another one... Here's Joy Williams "Here With Us"


Sunday, November 1, 2009

November 1st...

This is the day that the Flint family officially starts listening to Christmas music. I've been listening to it for a few days on the down low because it makes me feel better. However, I LOVE this music. I am going to try and share one of my favs with you everyday between now and Christmas...

Today's fav....

MercyMe-Joseph's Lullaby


I hope you enjoy as much as I do!!!