Saturday, October 31, 2009

To Catch Up on Life...

Not that one post can really catch you up on my life. I'm not sure anyone even reads these posts, but they are helpful for I'll keep writing!!!

The boys and I are doing fine. They are just shy of two pounds each and will be here in January. Jonathan Israel and James Paul Flint are the two newest members of our family!!!

I was blessed tremendously with an outpouring of love from my friends and family at a shower recently. We got almost EVERYTHING we needed. However, I know ultimately in Christ I have ALL I need.

Nathan has been blessed with a tremendous job!!! We celebrated at Carabba's recently and to our surprise the meal was COMPED!!! We are so blessed with God's favor.

I have more to write, but no time today because I am going to share life and community with my church. Also I'm having fun with my family at our Harvest Festival tonight. I am celebrating truth, love, life, God's provision and being loved.

Have a great weekend.


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