Sunday, February 7, 2010

Just a quick update

My lil' James

JoyAnn feeding James

Jonathan getting a change

Grandpa and James

The "dynamic duo"

I was doing so well with my blog and then....well LIFE.

Here we go though a few photos...

The boys have been home from NICU one month as of last Friday. They are both fighting nasty colds and stomach mess. Pray for us..huh???


Anonymous said...

THEY are beautiful my friend!!! we do pray for you...I think of you often...
Keep looking up...the Lord has big things in store for the flints!

Amber said...

Been missing your posts, but I totally understand. I can't even keep up with one, let alone 5. You're doing just what you need to, spending time with your sweet babies! Love the pictures, thanks for sharing.
Love you. Miss you.


Dianne Vibbert said...

Hi Janelle, I can really see how tiny they are in Grandpa's arms. The pic with Joyann feeding the litle one is precious. I miss seeing you at church, but totally understand your absence. Your family is precious to me. Please continue to take care of yourselves and your little angels. I am praying for better health for your family and hopefully to hold those babies in April. Love, Dianne

mimito5 said...

Hi honey :) We are praying for all of you. I'm wanting you to call me when you can find time. I know you need help and lots of it, just wish we could help more. We love all of you so much. When you can, call me. Mimi