Monday, June 7, 2010

First Attempt

Today was the first attempt of getting pics of all five kiddos. Not quite a complete disaster..only a partial one! Thanks to Angie, Joy, Sarah and Mom and Dad Flint who went with me. Yes it really did take ALL of those people to calm, walk, rock, feed, change babies or entertain and help the older three. Try this link and see what you think. Thumbnails of the kids

This was to be a Father's Day present, but we broke down and gave Dad his photo tonight. The look on his face was worth all of the hassle. Oh...did I mention that we ran out of diapers today while at the mall and Jonathan peed on me twice??? I had to go to CJ Banks and buy a shirt (or just to make it home. It was an uncomfortable and slightly traumatizing day, but oh so worth it.


Alecia said...

They turned out GREAT!!! You've got such cute kids!!!!!! I'm sure Daddy LOVED his present!!!!

mimito5 said...

Yes, it was hectic at times.....but ohhhhh so worth it!!
Now that I've gone back and looked at the pics, I may have to order Forgive me for being a biased grandmother, but I DO have beautiful grandchildren!