Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Difference

So today I was pondering again the difference between being "needed" and being "wanted". Unfortunately I have had FAR too many people in my life that appeared to both need AND want me, but alas after the "need" part was fulfilled their friendship waned. Today I am thinking of how many times I have been let down AND let others down also. Feeling a little blue I suppose.

However, I also have been graciously and lovingly reminded that Jesus died because he LOVES me, and WANTS me. That's so much better and complete than the love or desire of ANY human being.

So yes...I was there when you needed me. I was the friend that you could talk to when the world was caving in around you. I listened to you cry and cried with you. I held you. I shared more of my life with you than most people will see or experience. I gave of my time and money. I gave, I loved, I wanted. I made an effort when you did not. Yet...we no longer talk. You no longer check to see if I am ok. You don't return emails or texts. You don't even grace my facebook comments with a return response. Months and years have gone by and we no longer even speak, see each other or talk over the phone. It hurts, it is sad, it is difficult to understand.

BUT, BUT, BUT, BUT, BUT........

God's Word promises ME that HE will NEVER leave ME nor forsake ME. I am clinging to this promise. I have a friend in Jesus. I have the only true friend I will EVER need. Even in the midst of my current "funk" I am loved, I am treasured, I am valued and I am GRATEFUL.

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Toyin O. said...

Amen, the best friend anyone can ask for is Jesus!