Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Law Vs. Covenant

So yesterday I had the pleasure of voting.  Two of my children came to the polls with me and actually helped me read the amendment that I specifically went to vote in favor of that day.  My daughter helped me fill in the circle darkly and we talked again about how important it was to exercise our American right, freedom and privilege to vote.  The amendment passed and in the state of NC marriage is defined as one man and one woman.  This is important to me for MANY reasons.

However, this post is not at all about this law.  It isn't about the hatred that I saw spewed on Facebook today.  It isn't about how my heart breaks when people are unkind, downright mean and judgemental.  This post isn't to discuss how it appears to me that some Christians don't have a respect for God's Word, law or authority, but value THEIR rights and freedoms above all.  We could debate, talk, discuss and hash all of these points intelligently or harshly on any given day. 

THIS post is about a covenant.  God defines marriage as a covenant.  It's an earthly representation of the love between God and us.  The groom woos and pursues his bride.  He sacrifices ultimately for her.  He gives himself to save her.  It's the greatest love story ever told.  I was reminded of this covenant love today in a video that I simply must share.  I am aware that all "one man, one woman" marriages as defined by law in the state of NC are NOT this kind of marriage.  I would be foolish to think so.  I just want to share this video as a representation of my heart so people can understand the value of covenant in my life and in the lives of many others.  I thought it was worth protecting yesterday by casting my vote.

Please know that I have gay friends.  I have gay friends with domestic partners.  I love them.  I talk to them.  I don't shun them or try to keep my kids away from them.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  This is mine.  I pray that you are touched, blessed and encouraged by this post and this video.

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Tiffanymichaelia said...

I understand completely about the hatred. I refused to post my opinion on Facebook about the matter because it seems like middle school bullying between adults, on BOTH sides of the issue. I agree completely with this post, however. It wasn't until I got married that I remotely understood the concept of this covenant and how all encompassing it is. I'm finding out through all of this how few people understand what God meant when He created marriage. Right on, Janelle.