Saturday, January 12, 2013

"Learning to Breathe"

For years my blog has been titled "Joy in the Journey".  I felt like I needed to change the title in honor of this new grand adventure, this new chapter in our lives.  The last decade has been filled with unmet expectation of God, myself and others that have left me disillusioned and overwhelmed.  I feel as if I'm drowning in the sea of life and I need to "Learn to Breathe". 

Day by day I'm learning to let go of more of myself and fall headlong into the deep, deep love of Jesus Christ.  Here are some things that help me learn to breathe IN the goodness of God and breathe out the worries of life.
  1. Spending time in God's Word.  I read many translations.  Predominantly I read the NASB New American Standard translation.  Currently I am using the New Inductive Study Bible published by Precept Ministries International.  Precept is a particular study method that helps me focus by reading and re-reading a passage and marking particular words or phrases (  I listen to the Bible online (  Usually the ESV version.  There is also a great app for my droid (  I I also read daily devotionals (My Utmost for His Highest, Checklist or Life and Jesus Calling).  This past year I was introduced to  Our faith family has been collectively participating in this reading plan and I feel it has made a difference personally and collectively.
  2. True, lasting friendships that hold me accountable, lift me up and always bring me back to the cross. 
  3. Journaling and blogging
  4. Working the steps and principles through Celebrate Recovery.  I have been a part of this program for 7+ years.
  5. Exercising regularly-this includes jogging, lifting weights, hiking and some yoga
  6. Eating cleaner
  7. Drinking more water
  8. Prayer.  I used to think this was some very serious, arduous task.  I've come to realize that prayer IS breathing in the goodness of God and breathing out my hurt, pain and pride.  Prayer is more peaceful, personal, practical and purposeful these days.
  9. Resting.  This is a difficult one for me.  I need more sleep than I like to admit.  I am coming to appreciate an early bedtime or the gift of an afternoon nap.
  10. Laughing.  I so appreciate laughter.  It's always fun when combined with chocolate, friends, a nice wine, my sweet kiddos, date night and late night coffee talks.
For those of you who have helped me find joy as I've journeyed I pray you will continue to follow my musing while I learn to breathe.  This move to the pacific NW is going to be full of adventure and I will have LOTS to write about.  Thanks for reading.

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