Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just Keep Swimming

I know, I know...I keep promising more pics and not delivering. Forgive me!!!

Yesterday was a busy day. Jonathan and James had their first pediatric appointment. We have switched all five kids to a NEW ped. We met Dr. Bryan for the first time yesterday. He seems very smart and extremely gentle. I am not sure about his stance on chiropractic and vaccinations yet...keep you posted. The boys are doing well. They each weighed 5 lbs. 9 and a half oz. They were each 18" long and the doc gave them an "A". Praise God. We'll just keep doing what we are doing and praying for the best.

Mom came over today and I took almost a two hour nap. It was glorious. Of course I haven't had a shower in three days and my shirt is on inside out and backwards, but besides that...

Post partum depression is somewhere lurking. It hasn't really shown it's evil face yet, but the darkness isn't far away...EVER! I was very overwhelmed last Friday. I called Nathan just to hear his voice and to have him pray for me. He lovingly and graciously took the time to do that. After asking specifically what it was I was feeling...I told him I just felt like I was drowning. Later that afternoon a simply GORGEOUS arrangement of flowers showed for ME from my husband with a card that said "Just Keep Swimming". Aren't I blessed? I have a loving Heavenly Father, an amazing husband and FIVE unique and precious children. It is taking me a while to process all of this.

Keep praying for us!!! We certainly haven't found our "groove" and are in desperate need of some sanity and SERENITY!!!

In Him,


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Sarah said...

Your hubby is so sweet :) The boys are getting "big"... how else can I put that then in quotes? Cause they are getting bigger.... they're just tiny!

Speaking of which... I need my Flint Fix soon... can you set that up for me? ;-)

Love you!