Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Childhood Favorites

I am several days behind when it comes to posting my fav Christmas carols. This has been a BUSY few days. Our Christmas musical at church, birthday for the littlest Flints, shopping, wrapping, driving, etc. have prevented me from REALLY taking the time to blog. So forgive me for my tardiness. Today I am going to focus on childhood favorites.

I'll compromise on the first one. This is a childhood favorite of mine AND my children. I will share two versions of this song. This represents my childhood and that of my brood. Enjoy

Original Version

"New" Version by Jim Carrey

This next is from Emmett Otter's "Jug Band Christmas". The quality is NOT good, but it was the only one I could really find to share. I wish I owned this DVD. I bet that's some GOOD BBQ :-)

Charlie Brown and his Peanuts Gang are glad that "Christmas Time is Here"

Here is a clip from Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Christmas. My kiddos like this sweet story.

Enjoy your day today. See Christmas through the eyes of a child and take some time today to SLOW DOWN!!!

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