Saturday, September 29, 2007

More Band Memories

So today was the 33rd annual "Land of the Sky Marching Band Festival" at Enka High School. It was a blast to take the kids and watch some of the area bands. It was however very HOT, very CROWDED and very well...disappointing. It just seems that band isn't what it used to be when I was in high school. Granted we didn't get to see that many bands, but the ones we saw lacked a little in depth and musical talent. Isn't that critical of me?

We did have a good time. We got to meet our new baby cousin Leah. Philip was judging music effect and so we saw him, Tammy and Leah. I did get to see Dana and it was an ok day for OHS. The highlight of the day for me though was watching WCU. I was SOOOO proud to be an alumni. The Pride of the Mountains ROCKED!!! I would love to go to WCU just to watch them march again.

I bet the evening would have been good if we had stuck around but after seeing part of AA and all of AAA competition we were ready to leave. However, in the midst of the heat I was a little nostalgic (maybe it was just dehydration..haha). I was glad to have experienced high school marching band. It also made me wonder what kind of band director Nathan or I could have been.

So here's to memories of high school and college marching band.


Sarah said...

Hey you.

I heard the band was AWFUL this year... partly because they don't have anyone... lol

Sadly some of the ppl I graduated with thought they were amazing, but i beg to differ.

Love you, it was good to see you today.

Zarifa said...

This is great info to know.