Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lazy Days, Strawberries and Smiles

So today my family had the GREAT pleasure of driving to Knob Creek Orchard and Creamery in Lawndale, NC. It is off of exit 105 (I-40) and then 18 miles S. on HWY 18. It took us less than an hour to get there, and it was worth EVERY minute of the drive. We purchased two gallons of SWEET, HUGE, WONDERFUL strawberries. We also got some wonderful tomatoes. We then had homemade ice cream and rocked on the porch for a while. It was a blessed afternoon.

We then treated the kids to McDonalds (aka McNasty's) and Nathan and I enjoyed our hungarian mushroom soup from Apple a Day in Blk. Mtn. and a side of apple slaw. We ate the slaw on the trip down, and after our outing the soup was STILL WARM!

We laughed, read, loved, ate, played, talked, sang, smiled and shared today. Today was a day when we ALL were present in the moment. I am grateful for days such as this one, and pray that we have MANY more.

God bless anyone who reads this post, and please live every day to the fullest!

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Wendy said...

Sounds great! I wanna go!!! You will have to tell Jeff how to get there!!!