Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Breath of Heaven

So I am feeling quite overwhelmed these days. I found myself acutally saying to someone that I didn't know how Christmas was going to "happen" this year. How arrogant of me. The Lord just laughed at me in His gentle way and reminded me that He had planned the birth of the Savior from the beginning of time, and He certainly didn't need my help. Christmas is so much more than decorating, cooking, a tree, presents or having the "perfect" ambiance.

How foolish of me, and I'm sorry Lord. Christmas IS going to happen. It will happen at our current address OR at our new place. It will happen with or without a tree. It will happen if I am in the hospital having babies. It will happen with or without presents or fancy foods. It will happen if I don't bake a SINGLE cookie.

Jesus HAS come. EMMANUEL God with us is here. Let's celebrate. No matter how it looks...enjoy it!

So my friend Beth told me yesterday as her son Quin was being born eight weeks prematurely back in 2004 that she just kept singing "Breath of Heaven hold me together". I got to thinking about that and so I wanted to share it with anyone who might read my blog. That is my heart's cry today. "BREATH OF HEAVEN HOLD ME TOGETHER".

Merry Christmas,


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Beth said...

Amy Grant has held us together for many years! Remember...back in the day...many, many years ago...jammin' out to "Unguarded"? It's still one of my very favorite albums!

Love you very much, dear friend. May the breath of Heaven hold you together...