Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

So I have friends who have been shopping since the WEE hours of the morning.  Some have been waiting at various stores since midnight, 2am, 4am etc.  I find this RIDICULOUS.  However, I admit that I keep company with some pretty funny people :-).  I even have one friend that I KNOW stayed up past midnight to do her "Black Friday" shopping online.  Once again, not my cup of tea.

So why the post you ask?  Well I was thinking this morning as I woke up on this gray, overcast, gloomy day that some people don't HAVE the ability to shop this day.  Maybe it's physical limitations that keep them from going.  Perhaps it's an anxiety disorder that keep them away from crowds.  Some folks I'm SURE are kept away for financial reasons. Maybe some people just don't want to shop.

However, I bet for some folks depression is an issue.  It's not just "Black Friday" that makes them sad.  It is the ENTIRE "holiday season" that brings them pain.  They are missing a loved one this year.  Perhaps a divorce is/was just finalized.  Maybe they are away from home due to work or study.  Some "nests" are a little empty this year.  My prayer this year is that in the midst of shopping, fighting crowds, wrapping presnts, getting "deals", not paying shipping etc. that we would ALL take some time to think of others.  That we would pray for someone we know that falls into one of the categories/situations I mentioned. Why not spend some of the money you were going to use for an "awesome deal" and do something kind for that person that just came to your mind.  That person that struggles with anxiety and crowds, why not take them a meal and eat with them in their home?  Send that college student a care package that couldn't come home for the holidays.  Send a card to a soldier.  Catchin' on???

Let's all work together to make this day NOT so "black".  While at it why don't we pull together and make EVERY day a little brighter this holiday season.  I believe there are MORE then "12 days of Christmas".  Share the love of Jesus Christ and the news of his birth with someone TODAY and everyday.  Emmanuel came so that we could have the BEST DEAL OF ALL.  Eternal life through Jesus Christ is FREE for the taking EVERYDAY.

Merry Christmas,


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