Thursday, November 25, 2010

On the First Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me A....


Ok. Ok. I realize I haven't blogged since August. I could go through the typical disclaimer, apology poo-poo BUT I wont (the crowd goes wild). So anyway...I'm back!!!

I just recently discovered Shutterfly. I actucally received a coupon at Ingles Markets with my receipt for a FREE photo book from Shutterfly. I made one of the family dedication that took place this last May.  Stephanie and Darrel Prescott took the pics that are included in the album.  I am forever grateful that they were there to share the day AND took the time to capture it on film.  I was VERY pleased with the quality of the book.  I only had to pay $8.61 in shipping.  Granted, it did take some time to make the book, but it was fun and I think I could really enjoy preserving our memories this way.

Well a friend of mine (Sarah Massey) has also been bitten by the "shutterfly" bug :-).  She just received 50 FREE cards from Shutterfly.  They are beautiful and I am so excited that she found this affordable way to showcase their "growing" family.  She blogged about her experience and suggested that I participate in an offer that Shutterfly was featuring. 

Well here I am, blogging in order to receive MY 50 free cards.  This is an exciting Christmas for us.  Last year James and Jonathan were merely five days old and in the NICU critical care unit weighing in at less than five pounds each.  This year our chunky monkey (James) and our lean mean walking machine (Jonathan) are the joy of our home.  I can't wait to get a family pic of all seven of us.  We have YET to have one made and the boys were 11 months old last Saturday.  So I am going to have a friend of mine take some candid family photos and we are going to use them on our cards.  YEAH!!! 

Keep your eyes posted to my blog and/or be on the lookout for your envelope from the Flint family.  Happy early Merry Christmas and thanks again for taking the time to read my ramblings.  Oh and take some time to check out Shuuterfly's website. They have GREAT gifts and are able to help you with any stationary,invitation or photo needs. They have Christmas Photo Cards,Personalized Wall Calendars,and Graduation Invitations.

Enjoy this season,


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Christa said...

I've been using shutterfly for years! Love their books.