Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lessons from Jesse

Yesterday Jesse got a spanking. This isn't an odd occurence in the Flint household (hahaha!) but what led up to it is where I learned the lesson.

On Sunday my mother gave each of the children an Easter basket. Each child received a kite. JoyAnn and Joseph really could have cared less. For my obsessive, collecting child, Jesse, this was a TREASURE. You see Jesse has 7 kites at this point. I told Jesse that we could NOT open the kite until we needed it. I tried to explain that when the kite that we are currently using breaks (which it will inevitably) that we could open his NEW kite. He said "alright momma".

On Monday I dropped Jesse and JoyAnn off at mom's while I took Joseph to the doctor (he has shingles...but I digress). When I picked them up Jesse had opened the kite. Infraction #1 (I scolded, but ultimately ignored). Monday night Sarah came over to watch the children while Nathan and I went to our Financial Peace University class. I didn't realize anything had happened. Tuesday morning Jesse woke me up with his kite in hand, and said "Mom look what I have. Sarah did it!". Not being fully awake I simply said to Jesse "please let me wake up before I get upset". Now here was infraction #2. Well Daddy couldn't handle it. He is much more consistent with discipline than I am. So he told Jesse that he would be spanked for his blatant disobedience.

In the mean time there was another incident that had to be handled. Go figure... When Nathan begin to look for Jesse, to spank him, he could not find him. Finally Jesse was discovered hiding in our closet. Nathan told me later that he had the most pitiful, remorseful face. Anyway the spanking was delivered, hugs insued and Jesse truly understood his punishment was based on deliberate disobedience.

Here's the lesson for me. My disobedience often works in stages such as Jesse exhibited. It looks innocent at first, and I often blame it on others. I smile when I share my stories and I justify my actions. In the back of my mind though, knowing all the time, that my actions were wrong and I would have to pay the consequence. Then when it comes time for me to face the music, you can find me hiding in the closet. Lovingly my Heavenly Father comes and find me, disciplines me, chastens me, and then holds me. All the time helping me to understand that my disobedience keeps me from Him and His plan for my life.

I'm sure there will be other incidents with Jesse AND with me. However, today I praise God for lessons learned and a loving Father who wants the best for His children.

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Wendy said...

Yep! I see a lot of me in that story too!! I have a tendency to act on emotion (or the emotion that is being felt at that time!) and later I almost always regret my behavior! If I could only have a time out moment before I act! Lol!