Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Love Dare

So I bought the book the Love Dare a few weeks ago. I bought it honestly with the grand idea in the back of my mind that my husband would complete the dare, woo me and sweep me off of my feet emotionally. Now please know I realize how COMPLETELY unrealistic this was, but hey a girl can dream. Now don't get me wrong, Nathan loves me dearly, but right now all he is thinking about is finding a new job and taking care of the family.

So I spent some time in conversation with the Lord pouring my heart out to Him. I admitted that I wanted Nathan to love me more openly, romantically and spontaneously. I confessed how much I wanted to be understood, loved, valued and wanted. The Lord simply reminded me of the book and impressed upon me to do the dare FOR Nathan. If I desire to be loved I must LEARN to love first.

I started the dare on April 13th. So far I have really enjoyed it, and Nathan is to my knowledge unaware of my actions. I will keep you posted!

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Sarah said...

yay! thats exciting! i think i have the same issues with justin not being as romantic as i would wish! lol i can't wait to hear his reaction when he figures this all out! lol