Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Our Trip

Here are some pics from our most recent trip to the OBX (Outer Banks). We were blessed to have 4 nights there sans kiddos. We had a QUIET time. Although cold and windy it was JUST what we needed. We pray to return SOON with the kids. We stayed at the Pony Island Motel on Ocracoke. It was clean, quaint and the staff was very friendly. Most of all Nathan and I had a chance to reconnect. We didn't have ANY expectations of each other or of what the trip would be like. It was beautiful. The last time we had been away for more than a night together without the children (NOT serving on an Emmaus team) was in 2004. This trip was ANYTHING but a vacation. We were able to relax. Mainly because I was all but having a nervous breakdown. Anyway, this trip was JUST amazing in the fact that God provided, thus it really was what we needed. We ferried over to Hatteras and drove the coast. We saw the lighthouse in Buxton and drove up to Roadanthe. I was able to nap, read, watch tv (a real treat for me) and take uninteruppted baths EVERYDAY!!! Nathan napped, napped and napped. No he also enjoyed driving on the beach and eating as much seafood as he could hold. We hope not to have to be having a nervous breakdown or wait 14 years for our next trip together.

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Wendy said...

Lol! I'm so glad you guys had a good time! I have been neglectful in asking how things went. You guys deserved that and so much more! Praying nervous breakdowns are a thing of the past and Hoping that getaways are in the future for you two!