Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rising to the "Challenge"

So I am trying to play catch up on this challenge I am participating in this summer. I didn't discover it until several weeks into the challenge. The first week was simply to announce to my readers I am participating...check.

Week 2 was to post pics of our "dating days" or to tell about them. Well I don't honestly know how to use my scanner. I hope that I will figure it out so I can post some pics later. However, I will tell you about our early dating days.

Nathan and I met in college. We actually were in a piano class together. I'm sure I had seen him but honestly had not paid much attention. He was simply a classmate. To tell the truth I was slightly interested in his best friend Tim Turbyfill. I also was struggling because I was involved in a serious relationship with my high school boyfriend who at the time was a Marine stationed in Okinawa. I had a feeling that Ben was going to propose upon returning from Japan and I wasn't sure that I could or should marry him. Let's just say I was a CONFLICTED teen. Well one night I had returned to the music building LATE to practice or get something out of my locker. Tim, Nathan and their friend Mike were all there in the lobby of the Coulter building. Tim introduced Nathan and me and instantly it was discovered that Nathan knew my brother Philip. Philip had helped with band camp at Erwin High School (Nathan's Alma Mater). I didn't find this extremely odd. Many people know my brother. *(Here's where it gets a little interesting.)* We were in the building VERY close to "closing time". Tim and Mike wanted to go up to the roof of the building and hang out, but we didn't want to risk being discovered so we hid until the building had been secured. Then we snuck up on the roof. There was a great view of campus and we just talked and hung out (the four of us). If I remember correctly I think Mike was practicing up there. was November 4, 1994. A little chilly that night and I didn't have a coat. Nathan let me borrow his coat. I found out later on that this was a very expensive down filled coat and he was pretty protective of it. Hehehehe. I told him about Ben. We laughed, talked and enjoyed ourselves. I spent more time talking to him than to Tim. He offerred to walk me back to my dorm room. I honestly can't remember if I allowed him that pleasure. I just remember it was a pleasant evening. I remained conflicted. Nathan asked me out several times after this evening. I said "NO" firmly yet nicely each time. A few weeks after our rooftop rendevous Nathan's brother Anthony was in an accident and was hospitalized. Nathan was quite distraught and wanted to see his brother but his car was extremely unreliable. So I offered my car to him. He felt badly that I offered so I told him I would take him. I don't want to drag this out so I'll try and condense this...

I met Nathan's parents in the hospital room and Na's dad said "Oh so SHE's the one??? When are you two FINALLY going to go out???". No tact. Like father like son...hahahaha! On the way home I cried most of the way. I was so conflicted. Watching Nathan and his family pray over Anthony...knowing that he had told his family about me. I was touched. Knowing that I wasn't sure what I was ALL too much. I was VERY quiet on the way home (which is ODD for When we arrived back at WCU Nathan and I sat in the car neither one wanting the evening to end. Against my better judgement and through my conliction I KISSED him. After that evening we were inseperable. We met November 4, 1994. Got engaged on Jan. 20, 1995 and I changed my last name and became his bride on May 20, 1995.

So there you have it...Nathan and Janelle Flint in a nutshell. There are other details that are important to us, but would probably bore you all. Just know that I am SOOOO blessed to have him as my best friend, lover, husband, soul mate, protector, father of my children and encourager.

In Him,


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