Tuesday, August 17, 2010

De-Briefing (no pun intended)

The title is in regards to the last week of the challenge . That one was EASY for me :-)

Ok. This summer was GOOD for us! Now this is a nice change for the Flint family. For those of you who know our story we, with God's help, have WORKED to have the marriage we have today. The last few years have been filled with kids, recovery, painful discussions, brutal honesty, discovery, forgivness, TRUE love, letting go of self and selfish ideas/agendas. They have been powerful years that have shaped our family. We have re-discovered and established our core values as individuals, a couple and a family.

This summer was a glorious one. Granted I entered the "challenge" late and didn't complete EVERY part of Courtney's suggested list. I never got around to scanning in pics of dating years or our wedding. Nathan honestly couldn't remember one favorite meal (I'm not quite sure what this means...lol) and I haven't yet posted about our discussion related to vision/direction. However, I think this challenge was SUCCESSFUL. It changed me, changed Nathan and reminded us of the simplicity and beauty of Godly love.

Thanks Courtney for all of your help, suggestions, prayers, encouragement and love for EACH of us who link to your page/blog. I pray blessings upon you, your ministy, your family, your homeschool, your marriage....etc.

I'm gonna keep working on becoming a better mate and communicating openly with Nathan. I'm gonna finish this challenge and I'm gonna "Be the WOMAN He Deserves!!!"

Because of Him,


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