Thursday, June 2, 2011

"If You Seek Me You Will Find Me"

So I want to be more intentional about my faith.  I want to SEEK God with all that I am and all that I have.  I want to be aware of His presence, calling and glory in my life.  I want my faith to be evident, open, transparent, real and accessible mainly to my family and then to others I might encounter.  Today I felt God's gracious Holy Spirit lead me to invite my children to walk down the road with me and take popsicles to the workers who were digging utility trenches on our street.  It was a pleasure to serve them and to say thank you to them.  The kids were genuinely excited about our adventure. 

I want to be drawn nearer to Him through His Word, through fellowship, through service, through worship and through silence.  My heart is heavy and sometimes my body almot aches with desire to really know Him, to encounter Him to become a "friend of God".  So my heart's cry today is best displayed though Meredith Andrew's "Draw Me Nearer".  I hope you enjoy and are blessed. 

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