Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thomas and Sarah JOHNSON

Today I had the privilege of serving alongside a team of godly musicians in blessing the union of Sarah Paquette to Thomas Johnson.  Words really cannot express the beauty of Christ's love as displayed in this young couple.  It isn't Thomas and Sarah.  Although they are fabulously wonderful.  It is JESUS pure and simple.  What I experienced last night at the rehearsal dinner is merely a glimpse of what heaven will be like. Yes I do think there will be 12 Bones and banana pudding in heaven (hee hee).

Thomas has lovingly, gently yet passionately pursued his bride Sarah while protecting her, loving her, serving her EXACTLY as Christ has pursued us his church.  The miracle at Cana was REAL and the miracle that He performed last night amongst His people was every bit as real and tangible.  Just as Thomas presented Sarah to the congregation pure and spotless, Christ presents us to God that way.  Very rarely do you hear of couples who have remained pure and celebate during a six year courtship.  I am so proud of them, happy for them and EXCITED as they experience the mystery of God's union for them and through them.  What a glorious celebration today was for us ALL.

I have had the pleasure of serving in AMAZING weddings.  Too many to name.  Couples whose love caused Nathan and I to pause for a moment and reflect on God's faithfulness to us as a family.  Then there are the weddings where the music is just fun and I'm caught up in that also.  There are the weddings unfortunately where I do my best to bring Christ into the ceremony through my gifts, but pray for the couple not sure as to their spiritual condition or the certainty of their commitment to each other.  Today was so peaceful.  There was no fear, no doubt, no wondering.....only joy, peace and the presence of Christ.  His Holy Spirit guided them to each other and will continue to guide them into their happily ever after. 

The ceremony was wonderful.  The reception was FUN!!!  I danced with my son Joseph until our feet hurt.  Jesse and JoyAnn even got in on the action.  The company was wonderful.  The food delicious and the joy was contagious.  I am grateful to have shared in today.

Here is a song by Brooke Fraser Ligertwood that to me represents Thomas and Sarah's love.  I hope you enjoy. 

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