Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We Interupt Your Regularly Scheduled Program

So today I had an interruption, a surprise, an unscheduled event.  At first I was not altogether happy about it.  I had my plans, my agenda, my desires.  However, I am SOOOO grateful that God saw fit in His timing to allow we to have a restful, peaceful moment.  I had the pleasure (and I truly mean that) of taking my Papa to lunch today at J&S cafeteria.  As we sat and ate together I listened to him speak of his favorite baseball team.  He talked about how Chipper Jones was his favorite player.  He ate his country style steak, but wished he had gotten the ham.  He worried about the amount of gas in his tank, and wished his daughter (my mom) was feeling better.  He complained that they didn't have more stalls in the bathroom and thanked me at least ten times for taking him.  He wouldn't let me pay.  He told me of how he sat with my brother in the living room while he was having a seizure (Tyler asked him to do that and he was glad to do so).  Papa talked about his remaining family members.  He made me circle the building to find the right parking place.  He struggled with his oxygen.  He was strong and fragile all at the same time.  He was alive yet tired.  He was gracious, kind and handsome.  He was a wonderful "date" and I am so glad that I got to sit across the table from him at least once more.  I pray we have another date SOON!!!

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