Friday, January 9, 2009


(this was originally posted by my friend Beth in June of '08)


There's a license plate in the school carpool lane that says this. LIVFRE. Everytime I see it, I wonder...what does it mean to truly LIVFRE? How does it feel to live a truly free, authentic life?

And then I ran across this quote today:

"When the words in your mouth and the actions of your hands and the feelings of your heart are one and the same, you're a whole person, you're integrated, and there's integrity in your life."

Maybe that's what it means to LIVFRE - to be whole and integrated. When was the last time your mouth, your hands, and your heart were on the same wavelength?

I'm not sure I can answer that...

Ok here is where I take over...

I am working towards FREEDOM in Christ and to be able to live my life every day with honor and integrity. I was blessed by Beth's transparency. I am trying to be this open with myself, God and others I trust. There is so much I still need to say, but I am working on it....

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