Thursday, November 26, 2009

"Thankful Fors...."

We started this several years ago. I believe it was when Jesse and JoyAnn were two or three (maybe earlier). Every night as a part of our "bedtime checklist" we have either "family bed" or "family couch". This is where every person in the family has a chance to say whatever they would like to say UNINTERUPPTED. Sometimes it's what they liked or disliked about the day. Joseph usually tells us a story. Sometimes we all take turns making up a story. There usually is tickling involved and laughter. It is a precious time and I am grateful for it. I wonder how it will work when we have five little ones participating...:-)

Before Daddy blesses us for the night there is a round of "thankful fors". This is where each person in the family states what they are thankful for at that moment. For MANY months Joseph only said "drums and guitars". Now he really gets the concept and I am so proud of him. Often we hear repetative things, but sometimes there is something new. Sometimes they are silly. Sometimes serious. Sometimes both. However, I am praying that we are cultivating a spirit of thankfulness in our kids. An attitude of gratitude.

Today is an ENTIRE day devoted to "thankful fors". I could list so many. What a year it's been. Sometimes my heart is too full to even share my gratitude and my appreciation just spills out in the form of tears. Whatever you might be grateful for today...savor it. Tell those around you how much you love and appreciate them. Tell the Lord how blessed you are by His provision in your life. Write a list and save it for the days when you are feeling forgotten and forsaken. Share your "thankful fors" around the table. Be grateful. Be thankful. Be changed by a spirit of gratitude!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving,


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