Monday, March 12, 2012

Making Sense of it All

There has been a lot that has happened in our little community lately.  There is a local college that has had to lay off many staff and are downsizing programs.  This has directly affected many families and friends of ours.  There was a pretty severe incident at our local middle school.  A teacher and two administrators were directly involved, subsequently released or resigned and countless children and other staff are holding pain, stress and concern regarding these actions.  One of these administrators has been a personal friend since 1988.  A 14 year old high school freshman was killed in a car accident recently and her 5th grade riding companion was severely injured.  I knew the driver of the truck.  I am praying for her fervently.  The young girl was in Joseph's preschool class.  A reminder of the fragility of life.  I am filled with emotions of fear, concern, sadness, feelings of betrayal, confusion, doubt and maybe even a little bitterness.   

I'm trying to make sense of it all and sometimes it's harder than others.  I am grateful to serve a BIG God who is Sovereign and has it all under control.  I am learning valuable lessons daily to trust, wait and hope in Him. 

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