Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Very Merry Unbirthday to Me

So my 37th birthday is Monday, March 19th.  I love birthdays and hate them all at the same time.  The IDEA of birthdays is romantic, wonderful, glorious.  The thought of being celebrated, showered with love and gifts and being able to focus on all of the things you've done/accomplished up to this point in your life and look forward to another year of blessings and life brings a smile to my face.  What I HATE about birthdays is they never quite turn out as planned.  Birthdays as a small child were wonderful.  My mom and dad did a super job celebrating.  It seemed though somewhere around 15 they got a little less than "stellar".  I've had some birthdays that were an "epic fail" and some that were wonderful since that time. 

Now, I'm fully aware that I shouldn't put so much emphasis on one day, one 24-hour period in my life and in the lives of others.  However, I almost feel trapped in my mindset.  This places Nathan in a prediciment.  He must feel pushed and forced to come up with the "perfect gift".  How unfair of me.  So....I'm hoping that Monday will come and go uneventfully and that I'll be ok with it :-).  That's me, being honest.  Doesn't always look so pretty, huh?  Oh's part of my sanctification journey.  Thanks for sharing.

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