Friday, March 9, 2012

Praise God for Gift Cards

All I can say is "Praise God for gift cards".  Date night tonight is being brought to you courtesy of Mom and Dad Morgan and their Christmas gift of gift cards.  I think it will be dinner at Applebee's and coffee at Starbucks.  What a blessing because we have $0.12 in our Entertainment budget category until the 15th.  Isn't God good?!!!??  I also think a nice conversation at Barnes and Noble while looking at books will be fun.  We might be birthday shopping for Jesse and JoyAnn.  It's hard to believe they will be eight years old on the 21st of this month.  We had saved some money up for the birthday gifts/festivities. 

Making every moment count.  Making every penny count.  Making every bite count.  I'm learning to live in the moment and think consciously, thoughtfully, purposefully. Ok...enough of my ramblings.  I'm headed out the door with kids in tow to home school co-op.  Praise God for the freedom to home educate :-)

Have a great weekend,


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