Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Missing My Man

So I'm officially missing my man!!!

Saturday was a blur.  We just wanted to know he had arrived safely. 

Sunday was miserable!!!  It was cold, rainy and dreary.  I managed to get all six of us to church.  We barely made it in time.  I felt like it was quite an accomplishment.  We held on until LIFE group time.  Yet....there wasn't any LIFE group this week.  We were all disappointed but understand that miscommunications happen.  My mom and dad invited us over for the evening.  It was pleasant.  My phone conversation that evening left me feeling very sad.  Nathan AND Jamie both got very seasick on Sunday.  My heart broke for them and I wished that I could have helped Nathan somehow, with anything.  I went to bed still feeling conflicted.

Monday was a nice day.  The weather was glorious and we had a little trip out for ice cream.  We did school AND chores.  It was a "red letter" day.  I felt on top of the world!!! 

And then there was Tuesday.....It started well enough.  I had a challenging yet invigortaing workout with Leslie.  I felt ALIVE.  Sarah and Elah came to play/watch the kiddos.  It was a blessing.  Lots of hugs and crafts later.  The kids were happy.  She allowed me some extra time to go to the grocery store.  I had agreed to bring dinner to some friends whose daughter was recently in a car accident.  I ONLY committed to a Tuesday because I would already be in Blk. Mtn. and I thought it would be a good use of my gas to deliver the meal before Celebrate Recovery.  Sarah was trying to be kind so she "kidnapped" Jesse and JoyAnn for the afternoon.  I didn't realize until late though JUST how much I depend on those two.  As I was trying to time the finishing meal preparations, dress the toddlers AND get ready myself it was apparent that I was in OVER my head.  A quick rescue call to my brother Tyler.  He was super.  Joseph helped as much as he could, but dressing babies and changing diapers certainly aren't his specialty.  Dinner delivered...almost to church and BAM as I was backing out of the driveway I plowed into the mailbox of the house across the street from where I delivered dinner.  Sheesh.  No time to stop.  Get to the church, make an apology phone call.  Is this day gonna end????  A general funk was in the air at CR.  It was a mildly uncomfortable night.  So glad Tuesday was over.

Ahhhh...but hump day!  Yes, it could get worse.  Help from Mimi and Grandpa this time.  THANK GOD I have such good in-laws.  Grandpa took the older three to therapy (for Joseph) and Mimi accompanied me to the appt. for the toddlers.  We came home and they let me salvage my emotions with a quick jog/walk.  It was nice.  After they left for church though the evening took a turn for the worse.  I snuck out thanks to Tyler and attended my FIT class at Mtn. View.  I had already fed the kids and told JoyAnn I would pay her a dollar if she would bathe the bubbies.  When I came home they were asleep and being held.  Ahhhhh peace at last.  However, Jesse screamed upon my entry woke up the bubs and they screamed for the next hour.  They wanted to be held as I needed to fix my dinner.  They were so inconsolable.  Calming themselves down was not an option.  They were over stimulated, over taxed, over tired.  So an 8 o'clock bedtime turned in 9:00 for them, 9:15 for Joseph and 10:00 for Jesse and JoyAnn.  There were some loose ends left to tie up before they could bed down for the night.  Most of us got to talk to Nathan and it was decided by all that families were meant to be complete and daddies shouldn't be away this long if humanly possible...ehehehehehe!!!

It's all downhill from here.  Tomorrow will be Jesse's gymnastics and then the Crockett family is going to rescue ME by having all five kiddos to their place for dinner/movie.  I will have two+ hours of peace!!!  Friday will be home school co-op and then home to wait for Daddy!!!  It's been hard, but we've made it!  I certainly have a new appreciation for military wives, missionaries, pastor's wives, ANY wives of men that travel on the job.  I'm grateful for almost EVERY day of our lives Daddy comes home.  This well oiled machine just doesn't run so well without him.  Daddy is our oil.  We love you Nathan.  Hurry home!!!

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