Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"Are We There Yet?"

When I was a kid we traveled quite frequently. We moved often as a military family. This "question" was asked by myself and my older brothers quite often. I find myself still asking that question but this time it's to God and not my parents!!! "God am I there yet?" This journey I'm on of discovery, recovery and approaching wholeness and freedom in You ISN'T easy. Facing myself and taking responsibility for my actions is the hardest thing I've ever done. I must also accept and offer forgiveness for situations I thought were over. Denial has a nice way of making us feel comfortable doesn't it?

Celebrate Recovery, that's the name of the ministry that Nathan and I have been participating in for two years. It is a program developed by John Baker and Rick Warren (the author of the Purpose Driven Life). This program has been successful at Saddleback Community Church in California for 10+ years. It is now worldwide!!! This program is based on the 12 steps (as in AA/NA, etc.) and the 8 recovery principles (the beatitudes). It is an amazing thing and I'm so grateful I am a participant! Check out if interested.

This program invloves setting boundaries with my family, my parents, my husband, and my friends. The 12 steps also involve giving and receiving forgiveness, learning to see myself as God sees me, accepting my past and moving on with my life. All of these are things I'm working on right now! It's tough and I'm ready to be there God! You know the exciting thing is I know what's coming! Being with you in heaven will be the greatest gift of all! I want to be there! Keep being patient with me God as I keep trucking along on the "road to recovery".

So, NO I'm not there yet, but I am a little closer. I'm drawing nearer to the Lord everyday and am a little closer to freedom, to oneness, to being whole.

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