Friday, March 28, 2008

Celebrate Good Times Come On!

Ok,so it’s not that kind of party, and my nightflife consists of washing dishes, doing laundry and playing online family fued. Pretty sad, I know!!

But....tonight is the LONG awaited birthday party for Jesse, JoyAnn and mommy. We even invited a friend of ours Carey to join in the party. In all there will be twenty people gathering together tonight at the food court in the Asheville Mall. We will eat our respective meals and then enjoy fellowship over cake and ice cream. Afterwards the kids will play themselves silly on the playground and then we will trudge up the mall to the trampolines. They will bounce themselves silly and hopefully avoid vomitting!!!

The food court is the PERFECT option for a party. We tried it last year and will do it as many years as we can. You don’t have to pay to rent the place. You don’t have to worry about mopping/sweeeping etc. Everyone buys their own meals. You only have to provide cake/treats. The playground is FREE! Bouncing is optional. It’s just an easy, cost effective option for our family. Plus it’s roomy enough, easy to find and there’s so much noise that my CRAZY family just blends into the chaos!!!

I do have quite a few last minute details to take care of today, so think of/pray for me. Thanks...I hope to capture this madness on film and post pics tomorrow.

God bless,


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