Saturday, March 29, 2008

God's watch is NOT broken!!!

For those of you who read my blog on a regular basis you know that I love the song God Speaking by Mandisa. It acutally made it to a blog post back in December. I had another "God Speaking" moment though recently and it's too good NOT to share. This time praise Him I heard him speaking and I answered appropriately. This doesn't always happen, but that's another blog...hahahaha!

A dear friend of mine came over last Sunday night after a wedding reception she had attended. She mentioned something that was on her heart. She wanted to get her son a pocket watch with a train on it. Her son had just made this request known. She wasn't quite sure how this gift was going to come to pass due to the time constraints and other issues. I just listened but was prompted by the Spirit to check on something after she left.

When she left I went and begin to dig through the desk drawers in our computer desk. I found a pocket watch WITH A TRAIN ON IT that Nathan had owned for who knows how many years. I asked him if I could give it to these friends of ours. Nathan agreed willingly. So I gave her the watch the next day. I had not found the chain, but told her I would continue to look. She had the watch cleaned and put in a new battery. When she brought the watch back to my house to keep it in safe hiding I was able to give her the CHAIN. The Lord had directed me to the chain. It was in a different place than the watch had been. Cool, huh? So she had the chain cleaned and returned it to me the next day.

Her son had been praying for a pocket watch with a train all week long and on Thursday he was able to open up the chain. His mother has been praying for a renewed faith and for God to continue to show Himself true to her and her family. Guess what, BOTH prayers were answered. God is faithful.

I guess for once being a pack rat paid off! Thank you Lord for speaking to my friend, prompting her to share a need. Thank you for speaking to me that I could be a blessing. Thank you for showing yourself faithful to a young man. Thank you for blessing EVERYONE at the party last Thursady night who knew the story of the "watch". Thank you for blessing and encouraging those reading this blog. "He'll do and he'll use whatever He wants to. To tell us I love you. God is speaking, I LOVE YOU!". Be blessed....

Gratefully His,


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